Ms Natalia Komarova. Governor, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra

The participants of the International Conference Education for Sustainable Development dedicated to the 150th anniversary of V.I. Vernadsky

Dear participants of the International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development!

I greet you in the hospitable Ugra land, which for the second time hosts the Forum of UNESCO. At the beginning of the last century, the great Russian scientist and philosopher Vladimir Vernadsky, to whose anniversary this conference is dedicated, formulated the doctrine of ​​the noosphere. Today, this idea has a lot of evidence in the practice of the person, and the reproduction of knowledge and information has become a major global process of modernity. Of education now depends on how sustainable will be development of  both separate regions and the entire planet as a whole. This development is impossible without broad international cooperation and sustainable socio-economic growth in the interest of every person on Earth.

The key to this scenario appears reasonable balance in all areas, including the environment. This conference is part of the International Ecological Action "To Save and Preserve", the opening ceremony of which will be held also in Ugra.

I hope that both of these events will help to find effective approaches to address key educational issues and dissemination of educational projects in the field of environmental protection. And Khanty-Mansiysk declaration, adopted on the basis of your work, will consolidate the main results and experience appropriate to an end of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

I wish you a meaningful work and all the best!