Ecological characteristics: The Reserve is situated in the central part of the East-European plain at the boundary of broad-leaved and mixed forests sub-zones, on the afforested terraced slopes of the left bank of the valley of the Oka River. The climate of the Serpukhovskoi district is moderately continental with a duration of the frostless period is more than 135 days and average annual precipitation is about 500 - 550 mm. The mean annual temperature of the is +3,9°C. January is the coldest month, July is the warmest one. The height of snow cover can reach 50 - 55 cm. Almost the whole territory of the Reserve is situated within the preglacial flood-plain of the Oka River, having the step-like structure of its banks. Soddy weakly-podzolic soils predominate here. Strong soddy carbonate soils lie in the places with surface occurrence of limestone. Among the forest flora the main species being pine; the other plant communities include unique relict meadow-steppe phytocenoses with a number of steppe and rare mountain species. In total 982 species of flora have been recorded. In the Reserve there are 53 species of mammals and over 130 species of birds.

Declaration date: 1978

Surface area: Total 9845 ha

Core area: 4945 ha

Buffer zone: 4900 ha

Transition areas: Not defined

Administrative division: Moskovskaya oblast

Human activities: Forestry and agriculture in near-by areas don’t represent threat to the Reserve. More important is rapid development of country-house construction. It will lead to sharp increase of impact by the local population.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Prioksko-Terrasnyi Biosphere Reserve, Danki village, Serpukhovskoi district, Moskovskaya oblast, 142200 Russia. Tel.: + 7 496 7 707149, fax: + 7 496 7 707149, E-mail:, web-site: