Ecological characteristics: The Reserve is situated in the steppe zone of Central Asia; it includes steppe, wetland, and forest-steppe ecosystems of Dauria. Little destroyed steppe areas of the Reserve are represented by the parcels of deserted, dry, and true steppes, which are formed by endemic plant communities of Dauria-Mongolian and Dauria-Manchurian flora. Wetlands are represented by the largest in Eastern Transbaikalia flowless Torey lakes with the mouth parts of the rivers Uldza and Imalka filling the lakes. The Reserve is located in the junction of large biogeographical regions and in the point of East-Asian-Australasian birds flyways narrowing. Thanks to this it is distinguished by high biological diversity and has a special importance for conservation of millions of migrant birds of 315 species, among them a lot of rare ones (including about 30 species put into the IUCN Red List: swan goose, white-naped and Japanese cranes, hooded crane, great bustard, relict gull and others). The Reserve is one of the four places known in the World and the only nesting area of relict gull and area of permanent inhabitance and breeding of Mongolian gazelle in Russia. The main peculiarity of the Reserve’s ecosystems is their close dependence on periodic climate fluctuations, which cause significant change in hydrological regime of the lakes’ hollow and connected with it alteration of vegetation and animal population of the Reserve. Together with the Mongolian (Mongol Daguur) Biosphere Reserve and the Chinese (Dalai Lake) Biosphere Reserve this Reserve forms the only in Asia trilateral Dauria international protected area (DIPA). The prospects of creating within MAB Program a transboundary Biosphere Reserve on the basis of DIPA are being discussed.

Declaration date: 1997

Surface area: Total 227700 ha

Core area: 45700 ha

Buffer zone: 92000 ha

Transition areas: 90000 ha

Administrative division: Chitinskaya oblast

Human activities: Projects of transforming the hydrological regime of the main rivers in Dauria (Argun, Onon, Kherlen); steppe and forest fires; poaching; chaotic development of recreation and tourism; farming development without consideration of natural features of the region.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Daursky Biosphere Reserve, 76, Komsomolskaya St., village Nizhny Tsasuchey, Ononsky District, Chitinskaya Oblast, 674480 Russia. Tel.\fax: + 7 302 52 41559; E-mail:


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