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One well-known philosopher of the past reportedly said once that the main measure of riches of a society is spare time. How are Russians rich today proceeding from this classical definition? Russian sociologists have tried to clear up this question.

First of all, according to an opinion poll carried by the Public Opinion Foundation, our fellow citizens’ spare time proved to be more than enough. At least, 57% of them said so, and the spare time of 4% of them is even in excess supply. And, according to convictions of many people, they spend it variously and make good use thereof. Sociologists' survey data point to the fact that the overwhelming majority of respondents (79%) consider themselves people capable to organize their leisure-time in accordance with their own needs and interests. There are even more such people in Moscow – 90%.

Let us see how citizens of the Russian capital spend their leisure-time. According to surveys, the most widespread kind of pastime is watching TV programs and listening to radio programs (54%). 47% of Muscovites prefer to spend their leisure reading books, and 36% – newspapers and journals. For 42% of them the best recreation is meetings with friends, joint picnics and parties. For every sixth there is nothing like music, and for every eighth – to travel over the internet or play a computer game.

To judge from survey results, many residents of the capital spend their leisure hours to improve their educational and cultural level. Thus, for example, it emerged that at least once a month 14% of Muscovites visit museums, 15% - concerts, 17% - exhibitions, and 21% - theatres.

At the same time it should be noted that countrywide, according to the recent survey of the All-Russian Center on Public Opinion Research, for the last four years the share of the Russians not listening to the radio at all has increased (from 23% to 36%). And according to the Levada Center’s data, the number of those who daily watches TV has somewhat reduced. Especially among the youth that more actively switches over to the Internet. The recent survey of the Public Opinion Foundation states: it is just there, in virtual network, that 51% of young people at the age of 16 to 20 years spend the majority of their leisure-time.

Do You Read Books?

Never, very seldom 35

Occasionally, sometimes 42

Constantly, almost every day 22

Don’t know 1

Information of the All-Russian Center on Public Opinion Research.