“On a Fascinating Way of Knowledge and All the Best”

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The President’s of Russia response to a letter of Shanghai schoolchildren, September 9, 2009.

In China the Year of the Russian language is being held that gave renewed impetus to China’s traditional interest in Russia, enlivened contacts between the Russian and Chinese communities. On this tide the pupils of the Shanghai Foreign Language School affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University, learning Russian, wrote a letter to the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, inviting him to visit their school. Head of the Russian State answered his young addressees without delay.

“I was glad to receive a sincere and warm message from you, the letter says. And though your meeting with the Russian language has begun not long ago, it is evident that you have already made considerable progress. A grammatical letter, written in a good literary style is the best confirmation thereof.

I hope that holding the Year of the Russian language in China in 2009 and in 2010 – the Year of the Chinese language in Russia will afford you an additional opportunity for the Russian language knowledge enhancement, and will enable the peoples of our countries to get to know and understand each other even better, take a closer look at the reach national culture and traditions.

During the recent meeting in Moscow the President of PRC Hu Jintao and I agreed to give special attention to the extension of bilateral cultural and humanitarian relations, development of youth contacts. I expect that in the near future you too will be able to make your contribution to this important work.

I know that now more than 80,000 children in 100 secondary schools of China learn Russian. I am glad that in your school 30 pupils began to learn it as well. I am sure it is a correct choice: because now the Russian-Chinese cooperation covers more and more new areas, where your knowledge will undoubtedly find an appropriate use.

In your letter you promise to learn Russian with diligence. I believe in your talent and persistence. You have a lot of opportunities to achieve considerable results: books, television, Internet. I make no doubt you are going to make a lot of interesting discoveries and, certainly, meet a lot of friends.

Thank you for your invitation to visit your school. I will try to use it as far as possible.

I wish all of you every success from my heart on the fascinating way of knowledge and all the best”.

Source: http://kremlin.ru/news/5405