The UNESCO Clubs Movement is Experiencing a Revival in Russia

The inaugural meeting of the Interim UNESCO Clubs Accreditation Committee of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on May 31, 2019. 

The Committee includes UNESCO Commission members, coordinators of UNESCO Associated Schools and chairs network, as well as representatives of clubs from various regions. Alexey Kylasov, Head of Culture Economics Center at Russian Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage named after Dmitry Likhachev, was elected interim Chairperson of the Committee, while Lyudmila Savicheva, curator of Akademiya Dobra (The Good Academy) UNESCO Club at the 16th General Secondary School in Yekaterinburg, was elected Deputy Chairperson.

The Committee was established following recommendations of the 39th session of Gene­ral Conference regarding selection and accreditation of the Russian non-governmental associations willing to obtain a UNESCO Club status and assistance to the accredited clubs in further establishment of a National Association. 

During the meeting, the Committee reviewed the submitted applications and decided to provide accreditations to the first 12 UNESCO clubs that united high school students and attendees of culture and library centers in the Urals region, Tyumen, Bashkortostan and Yakutia. The list of accredited clubs will be regularly published on the Commission’s website. 

Zoya Kritskaya