Vestnik of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO. Nvember, 2020

Dear friends and colleagues, readers of the Vestnik of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO in Russia and abroad! On behalf of the editorial board, we would like to congratulate you on our common, very important holiday — the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture and wish you all good health — the most important thing in this difficult time.

It was decided that the new issue of Vestnik will commemorate this anniversary. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made its adjustments: the session of the Executive Board of the Organization was not held on time, festive events both at the Paris headquarters of UNESCO and in the member states were canceled. The world continues to fight the epidemic, and our Organization is at the forefront of this fight. The preservation of the humanitarian achievements of mankind, the sustainability of education and culture, and an adequate response to the ethical challenges caused by the coronavirus are the issues on which UNESCO is working hard.

Russia’s contribution to this activity is described in detail in the article by Sergey Lavrov, Chairman of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, Foreign Minister of Russia. We will tell you about the practical steps taken by the Russian educational, scientific and cultural institutions to overcome the consequences of the pandemic.

Our special thanks go to the doctors who are selflessly fighting the virus every day. This issue of our magazine contains articles about the great physicians of the past — Nikolay Pirogov and Louis Pasteur, the founders of modern medicine. Vestnik will continue to acquaint its readers with the masterpieces of the tangible and intangible heritage of our country.

In the end, COVID-19 will be a thing of the past. We are sure that we will be able to preserve everything that unites people because these are the ideals of UNESCO.

Happiness and health to all of you and your loved ones!

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  1. UNESCO: Humanitarian Horizons
    Article by Sergey Lavrov, President of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, Foreign Minister of Russia
  2. From the Restoration of Monuments — to the Restoration of Spirituality
    The Republican Renaissance Foundation (the Republic of Tatarstan) celebrated the first anniversary
  3. The Jubilee Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee
    Kazan will compete for the anniversary session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 2022
  4. Reading is the Basis of Development
    International Literacy Day 2020: new challenges
  5. Total Dictation
    The Russian public project is gaining popularity
  6. New Opportunities
    The International Expert Council on the Preservation of Cultural Heritage was held in Moscow
  7. The 19th Congress of Conservation Bodies for Monuments of History and Culture
    Current issues of protection of cultural heritage sites were discussed in Kazan
  8. The Wondrous Mountains in Central Russia
    The Divnogorye Museum-Reserve is on the preliminary UNESCO World Heritage List
  9. Meet: Eli
    VKontakte and UNESCO launched a joint educational project
  10. UNESCO Against Doping
    Issues of cooperation in the field of anti-doping were discussed in Moscow
  11. Health and Dignity
    The ethical guidelines of UNESCO in the context of the epidemic crisis
  12. Network of Learning Cities
    Three Russian cities joined the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities
  13. Sailing to Antarctica
    A round-the-world expedition of Russian training sailing ships
  14. The Polar Captain
    The outstanding navigator and polar explorer Ferdinand Wrangel
  15. The Residential Castle of the Radziwill Family at Nesvizh, Belarus
    The Nesvizh Castle, an architectural pearl of the Republic of Belarus
  16. The 3rd Forum of Ancient Cities
    Current issues of the development of ancient cities and settlements were discussed in the Ryazan region
  17. Cities with Centuries of History
  18. The Bronze Chronicle of the Land of the Soviets
    The history of the construction of one of the most beautiful stations of the Moscow metro
  19. A Composer, a Human, a Brand
    The 180th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky
  20. The Soul of the Russian Province
    The Russian accordion: the history of the creation of a favorite folk instrument
  21. Songs of Thrace – Voices of Centuries Past
    National traditions of the descendants of the Greek Thracians
  22. A Traditional Nenets Wedding
    The Nenets wedding ceremony as part of the cultural heritage of Russia
  23. Ilya Glazunov
    90th anniversary
  24. The Father of Russian Surgery
    In memory of the outstanding Russian surgeon, scientist and teacher Nikolay Pirogov
  25. A Visit to Pasteur from Smolensk
    In the fight against rabies: the famous French microbiologist Louis Pasteur
  26. UNESCO Anniversaries in Stamps