Vestnik of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO. June 2023

Vestnik of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO No. 52 is hot off the press.


  1. UNESCO — Russia Future Perspective. Interview with Rinat Alyautdinov, Permanent Delegate of the Russian Federation to UNESCO
  2. General Meeting of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO
  3. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s Remarks at the General Meeting
  4. Outcomes and Prospects.The UNESCO Executive Board held its 216th session in Paris
  5. The Heritage of Humanity. New sites in Russia were added to the Tentative List for nomination to the UNESCO
    World Heritage List
  6. Language of Friendship. The Year of the Russian Language the CIS
  7. Supporting Clean Sport.The delegation of the Ministry of Sports visited Senegal
  8. Communication without Borders. The role of the Russian language in intercultural communication was discussed in Moscow
  9. The Scientific School “Floating University 2023”. An educational project for young ocean researchers
  10. The Memory Code.Bashkortostan celebrated the International Mother Language Day
  11. The Pearl of Azerbaijan. UNESCO World Heritage sites right in the heart of Baku
  12. Treasures of the Past and Present. Kazan hosted a discussion on the role of UNESCO in the modern world
  13. Mr. Artist. The 150th anniversary of the birth of opera singer Feodor Chaliapin
  14. Grains of History. The Russian kasha culture
  15. History in Stone. The Church of the Ascension at Kolomenskoye is the first tent-roofed church in Russia
  16. Vasyugan Swamp. A natural site of global significance
  17. Road Rose.Russia’s most beautiful railway stations