Our Sport is Violin

In 2019, the Delphic Games of the CIS Member States were held in a new format

A new era of the Delphic Games began in Moscow, where the National Delphic Council of Russia (NDC Russia) held the First World Delphic Games of our time. Since 2006, they have been held under the auspices of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

What do sports and creativity have in common? Of course, the spirit of competition, the desire to be the first, to be the best. This was once again proved by the Youth Delphic Games held in the Moscow Region in November of 2019 in the form of a championship. About 500 young people aged from 10 to 25 from 10 Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) competed in playing violin and piano, in folk, academic and pop singing. Special projects of the latest Delphic Games were “We Remember…”, “Theater”, “Year of Literature in the CIS Countries”. You can demonstrate your own creative achievements, learn about new trends in a particular art form, exchange experiences, make friends, feel the excitement of a real competition — thanks to the Delphic Games.

In April 2019, similar competitions of talented Russian youth were held in the Rostov Region. They were dedicated to the Year of the Theater in Russia and the Year of Folk Art in the Rostov Region.

In total, about a million applications were submitted. An authoritative jury, composed of famous musicians, artists, educators, scientists, initially selected the best of the best. About 2.5 thousand people from 85 subjects of the Russian Federation competed in 29 nominations of folk, classical and contemporary art. A total of 64 sets of medals were to be awareded. For the first time, medals were awarded for the development of an informational and public project aimed at fostering a culture of personal data traffic and maintaining privacy on the Internet. This new nomination was called “Personal Data Protection” and was organized in partnership with Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications.

The Delphic Games are not only the rewards, but also new opportunities. For example, Elizaveta Ukrainskaya from St. Petersburg, the winner in the senior age group in the Piano Nomination, will record the works of Russian composers in Hamburg with the assistance of Steinway & Sons. The Vetta Plus Group from the Perm Territory, the winner of “Television Journalism” nomination, will take an internship at the editorial office of the Izvestia Multimedia Information Center. Young journalists from province can only dream of such a start in the profession.

At the official closing ceremony in the Rostov Region, the flag of the Delphic Games was handed over to Tatyana Dernova, First Deputy Minister of Education of Omsk Region, where the “Delphic Omsk — 2020” will take place next year. It will include the Nineteenth Delphic Games of Russia and the Fifteenth Anniversary Delphic Games of the CIS.

Based on the press service of the National Delphic Council of Russia