Vestnik of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO. № 43, 2020

Dear readers of the Vestnik of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO! Our editorial staff would like to congratulate you on the upcoming new year, 2021. We hope that all of your hardships and struggles remain in the outgoing year.

The world is constantly posing new challenges and responsibilities for our Organization. However, it is heartening to know that even at the “ripe old age” of 75, UNESCO is always ready to respond to each and every task. This dedication was confirmed by a conversation between Sergey Lavrov, Chairman of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO and Foreign Minister of Russia, and Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director-General.

We tried to make this issue of the Vestnik light and cheerful. After such a difficult year, we all need a little rest and relaxation. In this issue, you will find information about Russian New Year’s traditions and customs, alongside stories about the life and work of outstanding literary masters like Ivan Bunin and Sergei Yesenin. We will tell you about one of the most famous wineries in the country and share the secret to making our national drink: infusions. We also recall that the very first Russian sites were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List 30 years ago.

Unfortunately, our upcoming New Year’s holiday has been tinged by the sad news that Academician Vladimir Fortov and Irina Antonova, President of the Pushkin Museum, two outstanding people and active members of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, have left us forever.

May the coming year give us fewer reasons for sadness and instead bring joy, victory over the coronavirus and new successes in upholding the ideals of the United Nations in education, science and culture.

Happiness and health to you and your loved ones!


A telephone conference was held between Sergey Lavrov and Audrey Azoulay

Many Voices, One World
TASS First Deputy Director General Mikhail Gusman discusses the mission of the UNESCO International Programme for the Development of Communication 

A Dialogue of Cultures: Russia and Japan
Businessman, philanthropist and Japanologist Patokh Shodiev receives one of the highest Japanese awards

The Mystery of the Naryn-Kala Fortress
The international conference on “The Mystery of the Cross-Domed Structure on the Territory of the Naryn-Kala Fortress. The History of Christianity in Derbent”.

An Anniversary Postage Stamp
A new Russian postage stamp celebrates the 75th anniversary of UNESCO

A Tactile Map of Saint Petersburg
St. Petersburg now has a map of its historical centre designed for visually impaired people

The Industrial Architecture of Saint Petersburg
The industrial heritage of St. Petersburg: history and modernity

The World Needs Science, and Science Needs Women
10 female Russian scientists have been awarded the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowship

Madame Penicillin
In memory of Zinaida Yermolyeva, the outstanding microbiologist and epidemiologist

A Palette of Hues and Aromas
The history of the oldest botanical garden in Russia

Kizhi Pogost
The architectural ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost became a UNESCO World Heritage Site 30 years ago

A Unique Collection with a Thousand-Year History
The State Museum of Oriental Art: From its Foundation to the Present Day

Travel to the Land of Dogons
The culture and traditions of the Dogon people in Mali through the eyes of Russian specialists

Leonid Shvartsman
The famous Soviet and Russian artist and animator celebrated his 100th anniversary

The Camel’s Chess Move
The arts and crafts of the Tuva Republic: traditional chess

A Holiday From Childhood
New Year’s decorations as a reflection of Russian culture and traditions

The Country’s Chief Wizard
A biography of Father Frost, Russia’s favorite New Year’s character

The Triumph of the Stalinist Empire
Komsomolskaya station: the artistic and architectural grandeur of one of the main metro stations in Moscow

Cities with Centuries of History
The histories of the world’s earliest towns are riddled with dramatic events. The preserved monuments of these human settlements now serve as important pieces of world heritage

Russian Champagne
150 years of the famous Russian brand

Vzvar: a Drink From the Past
The tradition of preparing this ancient Russian drink

A Poet of the Russian Landscape
For the anniversary of the birth of Ivan Bunin, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature

I Only Dream About This Life
In memory of the great Russian poet Sergei Yesenin

The Heart of the Surgeon
In memory of Russia’s oldest practising surgeon and centenarian Fyodor Uglov

UNESCO Sites On Stamps and Coins