Sports for life

Headed by Minister of Sport of Russia Oleg Matytsin, the Russian delegation took part in the 7th International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport (MINEPS) in Baku.

MINEPS is a conference attended by government members, athletes, business representatives, and other stakeholders to increase investment in sports, improve sports practice, promote quality physical education, and enhance the positive impact of sports on health, society, and the economy. In a global sense, the conference participants determine the future of the sports ecosystem.
Speaking at the plenary session of MINEPS, Oleg Matytsin noted that the previous conference of this level was held in Russia in 2017 and laid a solid foundation for further constructive cooperation in the interest of sports. The minister also stressed that sport is the ideology of a healthy society independent of the political situation.
“In the current conditions, the ministers of sport have a special responsibility — to do everything to ensure that sport remains a sport and not an arena for political games. Many colleagues talk about the power of sports. And it is up to us to direct this power toward creation rather than destruction. As a universal platform for dialogue in the field of art, culture, and sports, UNESCO can make a significant contribution to this common cause,” said Oleg Matytsin. The minister added that Russia was the first country to officially support UNESCO in the creation of the Fit For Life alliance and to contribute funds to the project. The main goal of the project is to support inclusivity in the field of sports, improve the well-being of young people, eliminate the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and develop a strategy to reduce physical passivity.
The head of the sports department also touched upon the topic of equal conditions of access to international competitions.
“It is difficult to imagine world sports without Russian and Belarusian athletes. It is obvious that international sports federations and world sports in general lose a lot when they refuse to hold competitions in Russia. I would like to thank those international federations that are looking for and finding ways to return Russian athletes. I hope that this will become an example for other colleagues,” said Oleg Matytsin.
The head of the Russian delegation revealed the competitions that will be held in the near future in Russia: The International Student Sports Festival in Yekaterinburg, Games of the Future in Kazan, and the BRICS Games.
The presentation of the Games of the Future project was held at the Russian House in Baku. Games of the Future is a unique project that combines classic and digital sports. About 2,000 athletes are believed to take part in the competition. The program will include mixed (digital) disciplines, football, hockey, drone racing, and robot battles.
Following the presentation, Oleg Matytsin held a working meeting with Minister of People’s Power for Youth and Sports of Venezuela Mervin Maldonado. They discussed the development of bilateral ties in the field of sports.
The program of the working visit to Baku delegation of the Ministry of Sport included a number of meetings and negotiations with the heads of sports departments of Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Mongolia, and other countries participating in the event.
Source: Press service of the Ministry of Sport of Russia and the Russian House in Baku