Moscow tourism

Numerous attractions and accessible environment make Moscow a perfect destination for tourists from all over the world. Moreover, nowadays, it is easy to plan an independent trip to the Russian capital.

City No. 1

Moscow is a modern, open, and hospitable city that attracts visitors by its cultural and historical heritage as well as comfortable and well-planned infrastructure. In September 2021, Moscow ranked fourth in the list of 100 best cities in the world: the Russian capital was ahead of such strong competitors as Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. And at the beginning of 2022, Moscow capital ranked first in the world regarding urban infrastructure development and the quality of life in the City Prosperity Index published by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

In addition to this, in 2021, Moscow won two nominations of the prestigious World Travel Awards as the best destination for exploring cultural heritage and short trips.

Moscow is the largest cultural center of Russia. Its theaters, exhibitions, and architecture are well known all over the world. The active interaction of different cultures has formed a unique image and traditions of the city. Today, Moscow has over 400 museums and exhibition halls, more than 200 theaters and concert halls, about 150 cinemas, and 1,500 libraries. What is more, there are three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the city.

Your journey begins with a click

Limitless options and accessible environment make Moscow a perfect tourist destination. Nowadays, more and more travelers prefer to plan their trips independently. As a result, the tourism industry has to develop special services. These allow one to make the travel itinerary in advance, plan logistics, buy tickets, book hotels, excursions, tickets to a museum or theater, and a table at a local restaurant. New digital products make traveling more accessible, and tourists have more options to choose from and plan their trips in line with their interests and goals.

Discover Moscow

Moscow visitors and city residents can find lots of exciting and educational activities at The website was launched in July 2021, and this is the first official information portal for tourists in Moscow. The site has several thematic sections, each of them featuring the most interesting recommendations such as classic museums, trendy gastromarkets for every taste, unique excursions from tour guides, and even virtual tours (for those who can’t make a real trip at the moment).

For instance, the Places section will help you plan your gastronomic route as it features a wide range of Moscow cafes, restaurants, or bistros for every taste and budget: click on the Food tab to see restaurants, cafes, cafe museums, coffee shops, markets, food courts, and bars. Each option presents not only general information about the average bill, address, and the opening hours of the venue but also its special features such as original design, using local produce, modern cooking techniques, or following the principles of sustainable consumption.

Other tabs such as Theaters, Museums, Shopping, Architecture, and Parks may come in handy when planning things to do and places to visit in Moscow. For example, the Parks tab presents information about the numerous natural areas of Moscow such as the oldest botanical Apothecary Garden, the Victory Park in the Poklonnaya Gora Memorial Complex, district parks with recreation near the water such as, for example, Krasnogvardeyskiye Prudy, Krasnaya Presnya, or the Alexander Garden next to the walls of the Moscow Kremlin, and many others. 

The website also contains information about the parks equipped with rides, tennis courts, football pitches, ropes courses, climbing walls, and many other options for an enjoyable and active holiday.

875th anniversary

In 2022, Moscow celebrates its 875th anniversary. It is believed that the city was founded in 1147, as it was when Moscow was first mentioned in chronicles. Since then, a small medieval fortress has turned into a huge metropolis with a population of over 12 million people. Moscow is an exceptional city in many ways. For example, Moscow has the longest metro in Europe, and its main TV tower is the highest among similar European buildings.

In addition to this, the Places section contains information about the events at theaters and museums. For instance, the website presents a brief history of the drama theater and the exci­ting history of the Gorky Moscow Art Theatre as well as the reviews of various plays — the author’s interpretations of the classical and modern pie­ces of the Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, rock operas, the Silver Age and classical plays at the Moscow City Council Theater, and many more.

When planning a trip to Moscow, it is viable to check the capital’s news and upcoming events such as the opening of new museums, exhibitions, festivals, workshops, concerts, and new venues. All this information presented on in the Events section will be useful to Moscow visitors. For example, the website often features reviews of the ongoing exhibitions, concerts, and performances.

Also, check out the Traveler Information section: here you will find details that can make your stay in the city much more enjoyable: learn about the ways of paying for the public transport, free WiFi hotspots, and the procedure for renting a car, bicycle, or a scooter.

The site is currently available in Russian, Chinese, and English and can be assessed from any electronic device. In the future, the tourism portal will grow and add information about new objects — sights, museums, gastronomic points, and venues interesting for tourists.

Individual trips are becoming increasingly popular since planning your own route is as exciting as the trip itself. Therefore, the demand for multifunctional digital platforms is growing rapidly. At the planning stage, these websites may interest and encourage visitors to explore new places, which are often far from traditional and well-known routes. 

The article was written in collaboration with the Committee for Tourism of Moscow