Saint Petersburg Mining University expands cooperation with academic institution from Donbass

In April 2022, undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Donetsk National Technical University (DNTU) completed academic internship at Russia’s oldest technical university. Two groups totaling over 130 people were made exclusively of women because all local men of drafting age have been mobilized for military service.

The short-term internship was organized with the assistance from the International Center for Competence in Mining Engineering Education under the auspices of UNESCO and was aimed at improving the competencies by completing the Philosophy of Science course. The participants of the course were introduced to the university’s infrastructure, the basics of publishing and researching activities, the latest trends in the fuel and energy sector and learned about the prospects of mining and oil&gas industries. The course also featured an extensive cultural program, including sightseeing tours and visits to the Russian Museum and the Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad museum-reserve.

Vladimir Litvinenko, rector of the Saint Petersburg Mining University, welcomed academic guests from Donbass and urged them to make the most of their time by accumulating knowledge and obtaining new competencies, including foreign languages.

“Our program is aimed at creativity. Taking part in it will give you a new perspective on various issues in science and higher education in the context of modern challenges. This is important because each of us needs to be more responsible in our work, pay greater attention to its quality. Your goal is to become true scientists or engineers who will take on the task of rebuilding Donbass in the coming years. And our goal is to help you,” said Vladimir Litvinenko.

Mr. Litvinenko said that the cooperation between the two universities would not be limited to academic mobility. There are plans to provide all possible assistance to the recovery of DNTU’s infrastructure, equipment, and laboratories and create an environment that facilitates training of the scientific and engineering elite.

Alexander Anoprienko, rector of Donbass’ first university, joined the meetings via video calls. He reminded that the DNTU was created in 1921 with the example of the Saint Petersburg Mining University in mind and with direct involvement of its specialists. Its main task was to train qualified technical personnel to revive the region ravaged by the Civil War. Its graduates were to build and rebuild coalmines, smelters, machine-building factories, railroads and to implement the nationwide electrification plan.

“We must revive Donbass once again and make it as useful as possible for the whole huge country of Russia. It is symbolic that the Saint Petersburg Mining University is greatly involved in this endeavor, just like a century ago. There is no doubt that the new stage of cooperation between our universities will have the most beneficial impact on the future of Donetsk and the entire region,” stated Alexander Anoprienko.

This article has been prepared by the press office of the Saint Petersburg Mining University