Vestnik of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO

April, 2020

Dear readers, dear friends!

This year’s first issue of the Vestnik of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO is published in challenging times for humanity. The outbreak of Coronavirus is claiming thousands of lives all over the world. The Russian Federation stands in solidarity with all the people who are fighting this global catastrophe and extends its condolences to those who have lost their relatives and friends.
Now as never before, it is important to consolidate unity and understanding among people, which is the core goal and mandate of our Organization. Culture, science, education, and sports give us a chance to be a community free from political, ideological, or other separation. Enhanced international cooperation is the only key to address the current crisis. The Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO continues its work to promote and strengthen the Organization’s ideals. The new issue of our Magazine will report on these activities. We will remind you about the works of the distinguished Russian writers such as Anton Chekhov, Boris Pasternak, and Korney Chukovsky, whose anniversaries are being celebrated this year. We will also acquaint the readers with the tangible and intangible heritage of Russia, including the ancient town of Gorokhovets and Torzhok gold embroidery, and share the story of the musical symbol of our country – the Russian balalaika. We will continue telling about the World Heritage sites of our partners – this time we will talk about the outstanding Belarusian and Polish Białowieża Forest National Park. Enjoy your reading! We wish you good health!

Содержание номера??????

Javier Pérez de Cuéllar and the Road to Peace
In memory of former UN Secretary-General

International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements
2019 became the year of Mendeleev’s Table

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Turns 60
RUDN celebrated its anniversary

Prospects for Cooperation
Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov met with UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education Stefania Giannini

Artificial Intelligence is Under Control
Russia takes part in elaboration of international regulatory tools on the use of artificial intelligence

Wind and Heritage
Green energy near UNESCO sites

Cities with Centuries of History

Where Gardeners Meet Army Generals
Novokuznetskaya. History of a Moscow Metro station

Memorial Regatta

Golden Thread from the Kremlin to the Vatican
History of gold embroidery in Torzhok

What’s Written in Wax
Pysanka, one of oldest ways to decorate Easter eggs

A hen for the Empress
Unique masterpieces of jewellery by Carl Faberge

Hidden under a Mountain
Ancient city of Gorokhovets in the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Ancestral Voice Calling
Białowieża Forest, Natural World Heritage Site

A Manuscript with History
The Gospel from Arkhangelsk included in UNESCO’s Memory of the World register for protection of documentary heritage

Literary Mosaic by Korney Chukovsky
50 years without the famous children’s book writer

Music Symbol of Russia
Russian balalaika

The Painter of Life
160 years since the birth of Anton Chekhov

The Legend of the «Golden Age» of Science Fiction
The century of Asimov

Rosental’s Rules
Ditmar Rosental and his lessons in Russian

The Great Literary Weed
130 years since the birth of Boris Pasternak

Photographers of Broad Views
AirPano team takes airscape pictures of the world

A Scientist, a Keeper, a Teacher
In memory of Natalia Potapova

Kiwi is not Only a Fruit
Curious native names of world’s peoples

UNESCO Sites on Stamps and Coins