Julian HUXLEY, 1946 - 1948 гг.

(Great Britain, 1887 - 1975)

Director-General of UNESCO from December 6, 1946 to December 9, 1948

Zoologist, philosopher, writer, modern well-rounded scientist, recognized in many fields of education, science and culture.

In 1945-1946 he worked as Secretary General of the Preparatory Commission for UNESCO creation. After his proposal to accept the philosophy of humanism as a base line concept of UNESCO was declined at the First UNESCO General Conference in 1946, he asked to limit the term of his activity by two years. As he writes himself, some delegates conceived his philosophy as antireligious; others conceived his liberalism as pro-communist one.

J.Huxley many times rejected reproaches of the Organization member states that his program directions (e.g. for the protection of nature) would not become a proper contribution to strengthening of peace. He believed that non-political approach to technical controversial questions in the field of education, science and culture “may become a bridge between the Western democracy and countries of Soviet influence.”

Julian Huxley gave special preference to joint work of nongovernmental organizations with UNESCO National Commissions. From 1950 to 1969 he continued to work in UNESCO as a Vice President of the International Commission for a commencing issue of the scientific and cultural history of mankind.