Luther H. EVANS, 1953 - 1958 гг.

(USA, 1902 - 1981)

Director-General of UNESCO from July 1953 to December 4, 1958.

Political scientist, archivist and lecturer, by the time of election L.Evans was Director of the library of the United States Congress. As a member of his country’s government delegation he took part in all General Conferences from 1945, and from 1949 he represented the USA in the Executive Board of the Organization. Evans was also President of the US National Commission.

He saw himself in the first place as a professional administrator and started from restraint of programs reflecting UNESCO’s insignificant contribution to foreign policy of many member states of the Organization in that Cold War period. Later on he advanced his own ideas for activation of actions, particularly for peaceful uses of atomic energy.

The initiated by him direct and practical dialogue between the Member States, the Executive Board and the Secretariat had a positive impact on the climate in the Organization and shore up the UNESCO Director-General’s positions.

With the USSR’s entry into UNESCO in spring 1954 the Director-General’s activity, on the one hand, acquired wider range, but on the other one it became more difficult. Luther H. Evans abdicated responsibility of the Director-General of UNESCO, because the International Court of Justice in The Hague declined the resignation of American officials of the Secretariat he made on request of McCarthy's committee.