Vittorino VERONESE, 1958 - 1961 гг.

(Italy, 1910 - 1986)

Director-General of UNESCO from December 5, 1958 to November 2, 1961.

Advocate, anti-fascist, publicist, lecturer, Veronese was interested in social issues, issues of education and their use in the world practice. After the overthrow of fascism he worked at high posts in the Italian bank and was leading the Azione Cattolica movement as a Secretary General and President (1944-1952).

Veronese, known for his art of conducting negotiations, ability to reconcile dissenting persons by rhetorical means, was selected a candidate from the forces seeking for cooperation and compromise.

From 1952 to 1956 he represented his country in the Executive Board of UNESCO, was its President up to 1958. In 1960 Veronese as Director-General of UNESCO addressed his famous appeal on rescue of the world heritage of Abu Simbel and Philae, threatened by flood from the Nile weir. Because of illness he had to leave work earlier.