Rene MAHEU, 1962 - 1974 гг.

(France, 1905 - 1975)

Acting Director-General of UNESCO
from June 5, 1959 to September 10, 1959;
from June 7, 1961 to November 14, 1962;

Director-General of UNESCO from November 15, 1962 to November 14, 1974 (two terms).

Associate Professor of Philosophy (1930-1933 in Cologne), diplomat, the Rabat Governor's Cabinet member.

Rene Maheu fulfilled responsible functions in the UNESCO Secretariat. He started as a director of the Department of free information wave, from 1949 he was chief of the Cabinet of the Director-General Torres Bodet, from 1954 he was attached to the Director-General, represented UNESCO from 1955 to 1958 under the UN in New York and in 1959 he was appointed Deputy Director-General.

R.Maheu, according to witnesses, combined all the qualities and abilities necessary for work as a Director-General: large intellectual potentialities, outstanding diplomatic abilities and high competence in difficult administrative questions. That is why he was often called “Monsieur le UNESCO”.

Maheu’s object was spreading new humanism, non-political ethics with the help of UNESCO. He has left numerous letters about all fields of UNESCO’s activity. He paid his special attention to preservation of the world heritage. Under his direction the UNESCO Secretariat was reformed in several stages.