"One Planet – One Future!"

Dear residents and guests of Ugra! I am happy to welcome all of you here! It is very symbolic to hold the Save and Preserve eco-action in Khanty-Mansiysk Center of Arts. We in Ugra want this world to be a healthy one, wonderful in all its diversity. To achieve this, we need to foster a caring attitude to nature from very early childhood. Every one in two participants of our eco-action is a teenager or a young adult, every second activity is an educational one. This proves that when we talk about our caring attitude towards nature we mean it, nature can rely on us. This eco-action will remain relevant even until the end of this century and that means it will need our energy, our strength and ideas. I wish all the participants success, and may this enthusiasm about making our planet a cleaner place and your feeling responsible for it never leave you.

Natalia Komarova,

Governor of Ugra

Dear participants of the international youth ecological forum «One Planet – One Future»! Since 2008, the forum has been bringing together in Khanty-Mansiysk students from UNESCO Associated Schools and environmental movements of Ugra. And this forum becomes a platform to discuss ecological problems, present best practices in preserving natural and cultural heritage, to talk to one another, to create, to make new discoveries.

I hope these will be exciting and useful four days, you will make new friends, get a better idea of Ugra – a unique place in Russia, create interesting projects and show your talents. I wish you good luck in all your undertakings, in your nature conservation and ecological awareness raising efforts for the benefit of your cities and countries.

Sergey Pikunov,

Head of Prirodnadzor (Service for ecological control and supervision) of Ugra

Dear participants! We are sincerely happy to see this wonderful very important event for young environmentalists happening again. On behalf of the organizers, I would like to thank all participating countries and regions for attending the forum!!! It is very important that the young generation today is ready to take up the responsibility for addressing social problems including those of ecology. We hope the Forum will become a great ground for dialogue, efficient work on projects, and continued cooperation! I wish all of you every succeess!

Ugra is welcoming friends!

The capital of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra is welcoming the participants of the international youth ecological forum «One Planet – One Future» for the 14th time. The forum is part of the large-scale socially important ecological action «Save and Preserve». He forum brings together the participants of the IX International Conference of the UNESCO Associated Schools «Ob-Irtysh River Basin: Youth Studying and Preserving the Natural and Cultural Heritage in the Regions of the World's Great Rivers», and the XII Youth Ecological Forum «Save Ugra's Blooming World». The key theme of the Forum is «Save soil to save life on the planet».

102 participants from Slovenia, Finland, Bulgaria, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus , and Russian regions – Sakha Republic, Voronezh Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Moscow, Tomsk, Omsk, Krasnodar, and municipalities of Ugra – Nyagan, Nizhnevartovsk, Pokachi, Surguut, Surgut Municipal District (villages of Saygatina and Nizhnesortymsky), Langepas, Pyt-Yakh, Nefteyugansk, Nefteyugansk Municipal District (Poykovsky urban settlement), Khanty-Mansiysk and Khanty-Mansiysk Municipal District, Kogalym, Merion, Sovetsky, Uray – have come to the forum to share

experience, make new friends and present their projects. During these 4 days, the young environmentalist will go through a very captivating agenda including competitions, tours, cultural, entertainment, sports, and creative activities. Welcome to Ugra!

Enya Volodchenkova

Together we are strong

On May 12, 2016 the opening ceremony of the XIV International Youth Ecological Forum "One Planet, One future" took place. Starting «Global Case of the Future» project became an important part of the forum. All the participants were split into councils and watched a video message from people of the future asking for help in such a difficult case as the environment preserving and the planet saving.

”Over the Ground” quest game was its first step which enhanced interaction between the team members and building of their teams. The evening event “Your Game - Your Story” played a significant role. Everyone managed to show himself as a creative and friendly person contributing to their council. The Green Council presented themselves first. Their chant became their visit card. The Yellow Team showed themselves to the audience as I-Team with I-Bags. The Red Council surprised spectators not only with their brief performance and dancing, but with their solo singing. The Blues proved that linguistic divide can be overcome with dancing, singing and hand language. The Purple Team told about the best profession, which is an ecologist.

In the end of the day, “Local Briefing” helped children open their minds and enjoy talking. Thanks to this very meeting the participants felt that they had become a real team.

Darina Khmylina

the city of Megion, township Vysokiy

Forum in looks, smiles and emotions

Ah, this wonderful Khanty-Mansiysk

"Photocross" became one of the most important events of the second day. Participants were required to carry out the photo - city study of environmental culture in three museums - the "Museum of Nature and Man", "Museum of Oil and Gas Geology" and “Museum Torum Maa" . Photo projects defence will be held on the final day of the Forum. However, you can meet the impressions of participants now:

Cornel Solomon, Moldova, the "Yellow" council:

- I really liked the open-air museum, because I realized that this land has its indigenous people, that not only the residents of the former Soviet Union live here. After visiting the museum, I realized that the Okrug is very concerned about preservation of the ethnic group of indigenous people. I was surprised by the taiga, and I find its nature striking .

Denis Shirokikh, Moscow, the "Red" Council:

- For the first time in my life I saw a real meteorite and felt its unearthly power!

Nikolai Shcherbakov, town Sovetskiy, the "Purple" council:

- I was mostly impressed with the rhinoceros, it was so huge and looked real. I was also struck by mammoths which were three and a half meters high. On their background, I felt as tiny as an ant.

Valeria Andreyeva, township Nizhnesortymsky, the "Green" council: - I really liked the temporary exhibition about Yuri Gagarin. It was interesting to learn

more about the Soviet cosmonaut. Afterall, space has always been something mysterious, and the man will never be able to learn everything about it.

Karina Palyun, township Vysokiy, the "Red" council:

- Excursion to the museum was very informative, we learned more about the culture and life of the indigenous inhabitants of Ugra.

Sergei Novak, Slovenia, the council "Purple":

- It was very interesting to see the oil shakers. We in Slovenia do not have very much oil, and I have not seen such things in my country.

Let them talk

All the Forum participants are so different, but so close to each other in spirit. To find out about the things joining us, we did a survey based on the 3 questions:

1. Why did you decide to get involve in ecology?

2. What are your impressions of the past days?

3. What event did you like the most?

And here are our participants' answers:

Ksenia Tulbyur, Moldova:

1. My class teacher is a teacher of biology. By his initiative, I participated in many environmental forums, it was she who broght up this interest to ecology in me. I got interested in the ecological condition of our country.

2. The impressions are good, the event's very interesting. All is good, I learned a lot of things, made many friends. atmosphere in our "council" was very warm, so we can even say we have become one big family.

3. Most of all I liked the tours. It's my first visit to Rusiia, so every impression is new and interesting to me.

Kiril Palyanitsa, Belarus:

1. I have decided to study ecology, because I want to contribute to preserving of our nature and earth from pollution and destruction. To do this, I try to offer solutions to various problems.

2. Impressions are excellent! I discovered a lot of new things, found a lot of friends who are a very cheerful, kind and wonderful people always smiling in response. I always try to contribute to the work of the "council" and help my friends.

3. I really liked the play "Children of the Sun", I have never seen anything like that before.

Denis Shirokikh, Moscow:

1. I look to the future! I care about environmental issues. We all live on the planet Earth, we must preserve it for our children and future generations to see its beautiful and blooming, and not full of factories and dirt.

2. Only the best, the program is very intense, we sometimes do not have enough free time.

3. I liked the evening event "Your Game - Your Story," where we prepared a business card, and yet if we had known each other just for a day. I always suggest different ideas, help in the implementation of plans of other members of our team.

Gulnur Maksutova, Megion, township Vysokiy

First-person Story, 12 May

At last, we are at the Forum! The first thing to do was to register, and I have to say it was not that easy at all as 102 Forum participants gathered in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk. However, thanks to hospitality of the Forum organizing team, we managed to check in just fine.

After checking-in, we were split into several teams - “councils” and then played a fascinating quest game. Te quest game theme seemed to me original and very important in terms of the present reality. People from the future sent us a video message and called to take care of the nature. We had to try hard implying all our patience and attention while passing the quest game but all the “councils” succeeded.

Later on, we had a very tasty lunch. Having filled our bodies with energy we went to the Center of Arts for Talented Children of the North. The official Opening Ceremony of the Forum took place there.

The Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra Natalia Komarova came to greet the participants. The performance started after her speech. After having arrived back to the hotel, we went for dinner. Afterwards, the local briefing took place. We worked actively in our teams discussing plans for the next day. After finishing, we left to have some sleep.

The first day at the Forum has been so great that it’s even impossible to imagine what to expect next! During this very short period I learned a plenty of new things and met a lot of new people. The brightest activity I recall was that evening event “Your Game -- Your Story” where we were presenting our visit cards.

Good-bye to everyone for the moment and see you next time)

Friday the 13th, May 13

Dear Diary, is not the first time I am writing to you about everything that happens in my life, but, and I want to share again.

Tasty and hearty breakfast, we went to the traditions common session.

After the announced program of the Forum for the day, I noticed that the photographers immediately began violently to discuss the upcoming "Photocross" and representatives of UNESCO schools, which was to protect their projects, they started to prepare for the plenary.

Afterwards, we went for a tour across the museums of the Okrug's capital. I liked everything, because each museum was beautiful and unique in its own way. Here all the forum participants could take a photo for "Photocross". It was so interesting that I did not even notice how the dinner time approached.

The organizers have prepared a trip to the Theatre of Ob-Ugric Peoples "Sun" to see the play "Children of the Sun". It was an amazing, bright, and very atmospheric event. Of course,I will remember this performance forever.

In the evening, we participated in a flat party "Culture Shock",where the delegations presented themselves with songs, poems, dances and games. I have never met so many talented and creative people in one place. In the appartment we did not only see the performance, but also participated in it. Most of all, I liked the creative performances by foreigners - all they showed seemed to me new and unusual.

After a difficult but interesting day, we went to our rooms to have some sleep. R.S. All my life I have been thinking that Friday the 13th - is an unfortunate and unlucky day for me, but this forum has proved the opposite))

On the same wavelength, 14 May

Hello, blog! I'll tell you about the third day of this wonderful forum. This morning it was very difficult to wake up, but I did it and did not regret.

After discussing the plans for the day and watching a video diary, we went on an excursion to the core storage, FBU "TsLATI for the UFO", where I learned a lot of new and interesting things.

After a hearty lunch, we played the original strategic simulator "Infection". The game was very active, we did a lot of noise but everyone loved it. At the forum, we do not have time to relax, but it's great! Participants who reside in the

Okrug faced a defense of "Projects Biennale" projects. It was interesting, because the organizers have changed the structure and managed to involve all the Forum perticipants.

The next step was the Academy for Design Solutions. We were divided into teams, all were given the theme, and we began to discuss global issues actively.

The organizers tried their best, practicing creativity in all activities. After dinner, we went to watch the presentation of the delegations. And afterwards, we went on a tour around Khanty-Mansiysk at night. I loved the beautiful views of the city. i have not received so much knowledge, good emotions and positive ideas in one day. Good night, diary, and to all who reads it☺

P.S. Herewe don't sleep much, but we have a whole sea of emotions, positive ideas and new friends)

Denis Savelyev, town Sovetskiy, Sovetsky region

Fig. Alain Mozohina, Surgut


The best projects of UNESCO Associated Schools

• Social eco-educational project "Ecological Path in the Urban Area" subproject "Creating a Layer of Cultivated Soil for Urban Areas in the Territory of the School Ecological Path" Tolstikova Ksenia, Tomsk

• Professional High School of Tourism "Dr Vasil Beron" - Denica Georgieva, V. Tarnovo, Bulgaria

• "The composition of Soil Mixture for planting of Pinus Sibirica in the township Poikovsky" - Laktionova Sofia, Munachёva Albina, Nefteyugansk region, township Poikovsky

• "Simulation and role-playing game "Global Issue ", Sivakov Nikita, town Pokachi

• "Battery: Its Life Cycle and Ecological Footprint" Kirill Palyanitsa, Minsk

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