Report on the implementation of the schedule of works for the measure «Public initiative in the protection of water resources»

Hello. My name is Anastasia Karimova. I am a student of Children's Ecological Center of Omsk, member of Omsk Regional Children's and youth public organization for protection of the environment «Environmental center».

Together with our chiefs, I present a project to address the problems of water objects in Omsk region - «Public initiative in the protection of water resources».


Project objectives:

1. Unite the efforts of public and create a network of initiative groups in the protection of water objects of Omsk region.

2. Improve the ecological state of water objects of Omsk region. The Coordinating Council was creating to coordinate all measures. It provided overall supervision and guidance of the realization of the measures in different districts of Omsk region: Bolsherechensky, Russko-Polyancky, Maryanovsky and Kalachinsky.


Organized measures:

  • Training seminar

  • Youth meetings «We are for clean rivers and lakes»

  • Regional campaign «Water if the source of life»

  • Mini-projects

  • Monitoring of water objects

  • Competition «Clean Rivers».

  • Final round table.

All planned measures were carried out in full.


In September, 28 on the base of the Economic Institute the training seminar took place. There were 44 participants from four districts mentioned above (Bolsherechensky, Russko-Polyancky, Maryanovsky and Kalachinsky).

The heads of the pilot areas present information about ecological state of water objects. The training games were held on the seminar. They were devoted to the methods of the monitoring of water objects. Work passed in different groups. Participants made a plan of practical actions on the implementation of planned measures, aimed at conserving water objects of Omsk region.


From September, 29 to October, 3 on the base of pilot territories youth meetings «We are for clean rivers and lakes» took place.

So, in Russkopolyansky House of children's creativity ecological meeting of the senior pupils of the district team «WELSTON» took place.

Purpose: to attract the attention of young ecologists to the problems of protection of water objects of Russko-Polyansky district.

Participants: young ecologists, high school pupils of the district, heads of ecological groups, teachers of biology and ecology, scoutmasters.


At the beginning of the meeting different games on acquaintance, social cohesion of the collective were carried out. The games of knowledge of the lakes of Omsk, the discussion of measures to improve the condition of lakes were held on. Then the young people, based on the information obtained previously, developed the projects for the improvement of lakes.


Pupils have developed a mini-project on solving the problems of water objects of Russko-Polyansky district. Each team has presented its variant.
They have demonstrated their presentations and protection of mini-projects, and also offered to the audience fragments of one of the events.


According to the results of appearances winners were defined.

On the meeting in Maryanovsky district we have developed a mini-project «Clean feet by clean river» and we have realized it in October.


The essence of the project:

- carried out 3 measures of cleaning of the river’s banks Kamyshlovka;

- eliminated unauthorized dump near Stepninskaya dam on the river Kamyshlovka;

- distributed to the fishermen on Kamyshlovka booklets with the rules of behavior on the water object;

- written the appeal to the state environmental protection inspector about the need for an environmental audit of the activity of entrepreneurs engaged in greenhouse farming on the banks of the Kamyshlovka;

- conducted a sociological interrogation with the propaganda of ecological behavior of the river;

- prepared the stand «Kamyshlovka is a miracle of the native land».


Similar meetings were carried out in other districts.

In October, 2 on the pilot territories the common Regional action «Water is the source of life» took place. Cleaning measures were held on the banks of rivers and lakes. In this measures 424 people took part, were collected 155 bags of garbage.
68 people, including me, were involved in Kalachinsk in the cleaning of garbage on the banks of the lake Kalach.


In the framework of the action some conversations with population were held, leaflets about saving and protecting of the lake Kalach were distributed.

Six actions were held on the lakes and rivers of Bolsherechenskiy district.

On all lakes during the actions the special plates «Dump garbage is prohibited!», «Let's help to the lake!» have established. The administration of the Bolsherechye agreed to take out the garbage bags from those areas.

The positive moment is the willingness of the population to participate in improving of the lakes’ state.

It is very important that adults loved nature and this love tried to inculcate in children. The students of educational institutions received certain ecological knowledge, experience of the actions. In the future they will carefully relate to the nature. It may impact on the improving of ecological conditions in region and country.

In October on the pilot areas monitoring of water objects was held. Ecological raids were carried out.

In October the meeting of young ecologists with Deputy Head of the administration of Russko-Polyansky municipal district of social affairs took place. Future development of the lake Zharyldykol was discussed. In the spring it is planned planting of trees and shrubs on the coast of the lake with a length of 4 km. This measure will help to reduce the «care» of water in the lake, to protect the coastal territory from erosion.

Among monitoring data it can be noted that we should pay more attention to the problems of steppe water resources from the Administration. This is a guarantee of the preservation of lakes and other water objects.

Monitoring of the water object river Kamyshlovka was held in Stepninskoye of Maryanovskiy municipal district.

Several cleaning measures were held on the banks of Kamyshlovka.

In Bolsherechenskiy district within the monitoring the passports on water objects were made.

In Kalachinskiy district the monitoring of the lake Kalach was held. In result of researches the doctor of biology Olga Bazhenova made the following conclusion: ecological state of the lake is estimated as extremely unfavorable. Rotting vegetation residues leads to the appearance of unpleasant smell of the water, winter fish loss and loss of reservoir recreational value. Without the measures to improve the sanitary and ecological state of the banks and bottom of the lake irreversible processes can happen as water «blooming», water logging territory and finally - loss of the lake.

The solution to the problems of the lake is a complex task requiring various measures. However, in the absence of proper control over the state of the coastal area of the lake is happening unorganized discharge of wastewater from adjacent territory of the private sector, the territory of the island is constantly full by garbage. Irreparable damage is being caused.

In October the regional competition «Clean Rivers» took place. Each pilot territory was given the workbooks «Clean Rivers» in the number of 25 pieces. Work-book «Clean Rivers» is the field for self-study searches for students; it is the beginning of creative activity on ecological issues. An important place is given to independent work of students - the development of mini-essays, mini-projects. Pupils with pleasure research, develop and implement their ideas in life.
In November 2, the results of the competition were announced at the final round table.


Final round table «State and protection of water resources of Omsk region» was held on the base of the Children's ecological center. Representatives of the pilot territories, which carried out the project, are members of the Ecological Center, the pupils of the educational establishments of the city and region.

In the program of the round table:

1. Presentation of the work in the framework of measure «Public initiative in the protection of water resources».

2. Reports of the pilot territories of the work done in the framework of the measure «Public initiative in the protection of water resources».
3. Summing up the results of Regional competition of mini-projects.
4. Summing up the results of Regional competition of workbooks «Clean Rivers».

The participants listened to the representatives of pilot territories of the work done in the framework of the measure. The participants have noticed the need for such events, as in all the lakes and small rivers unfavorable ecological situation was marked. They have commented low ecological culture of the inhabitants, leaving garbage after themselves. They graze cattle, wash machines. There are no garbage cans, social advertising, information stands and boards in the coastal area of the lakes.

The results of the Regional competition of mini-projects, competition of workbooks «Clean Rivers» were summed up.

On results of realization of the measure, the participants were given diplomas; plans for further work were defined.