Mr V.Grachev. President, The Vernadsky Nongovernmental Ecological Foundation, Doctor of Tech. Scs, Professor, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Noospheric Outlook, Sustainable Development and Education

The ideas of ​​ the Nature-Man-Society sustainable co-existence, the inevitable entering of  the Earth into a qualitatively new stage of development, expressed by V.I. Vernadsky, an eminent natural scientist of the 20th century, a founder of a number of scientific areas, is nowadays studied by scientists and experts in various fields: economics, ecology, biology and many other branches.

Today Vladimir Vernadsky’s doctrine about the transition of the biosphere into the noosphere, which can serve as the basis of fundamental research for environmental issues and practical search for their solution, is of a particular importance.

Noosphere is an area of ​​the interaction between society and nature, within which a reasonable human activity becomes the determining factor of the development.
There are various ways to treat the noospheric doctrine: consider it more religious than scientific, but it is undeniable that it is on the plain where  lies the hope of mankind to solve many problems.

According to V. Vernadsky, the basic prerequisites for the development of the noosphere are the followings: humanity becoming as one - uniformed, transformation of means of communication and exchange, discovery of new sources of energy, well-being enhancing, equality of all people, exclusion of war from the life of society. V.I. Vernadsky arrived at the conclusion that the humanity, in the course of its development becomes a new and powerful geological force, which with its thought and work transforming the look of the planet. It is in the knowledge of the laws of development of the biosphere that lies the key to intelligent environmental management. In this way, the development will require a change of outlook.

Humanity, for its preservation will have to take responsibility for the development of the biosphere, transforming it into the noosphere, which will require a particular social organization and new, both environmental and, at the same time, humanistic ethics. These are  already the components of the noospheric outlook.
The solution of virtually all environmental problems is possible through the use of advanced scientific thought, and the achievements of scientific and technological progress will make it possible to solve any, even the global environmental problem. In this regard, the primary task is to restore the role of scientific and technological progress as a factor of development. Obviously, this is due to the development of science in general, and education as the foundation of any development.

The modern concept of sustainable development rests on the development of three interconnected spheres: economic, environmental and social, and their efficiency, and effectiveness of all these areas of life is  associated with the creative achievements: there is no effective economics  without  invention, innovation; good ecology is not possible without the use of STP; and even social progress is impossible without modern achievements of STP, the development of new medicine, addressing the longevity challenge. The classical scheme of sustainable development is closely linked to V.I. Vernadsky’s scientific ideas.

The overriding - the most necessary part of the process of the noosphere is the unconditional recognition of humanity and every man’s role and the responsibility for the formation of the noosphere. The whole experience of humanity - spiritual, cultural, individual - must be carefully and thoroughly studied, and  used as much as possible for solutions of this challenging task. We must learn to understand the thoughts and ideas expressed not only in different languages, but also in the different systems of concepts.
Noospheric outlook allows understanding correctly the whole picture of the world, feeling oneself as a person of the society, of the world, and one Spirit in the Ether of the Universal Mind.

V.I. Vernadsky said that his thoughts were much ahead of time. It is impossible to disagree. The noospheric outlook comes into our consciousness in the form of sprouts of thoughts like the noospheric doctrine. However, in the future it can take its rightful place in the outlook of Mankind.

Great discoveries will create great opportunities in terms of the noospheric outlook and then  mankind will forget about wars, feuds and quarrels between groups, and life will become completely different - just as predicted V.I. Vernadsky, whose 150th birth anniversary the world celebrates in 2013.

However, the entry of a person in a reasonable period of existence - the era of the noosphere, is not possible without an advanced education system, which, in reality and not on paper brings up a creative person. Creativity is the process of turning the impossible into the possible. And it can be achieved only in spirit, mind according to the Laws of the Universe.

As you know, noospheric education aims at the formation of a harmonious, holistic, ecologically sound way of thinking. V.I. Vernadsky, in the beginning of the last century, wrote: "Value is created not only by capital and labor. Creativity is equally necessary to create the object of value ... Only creative work is the source of value".

To date, human activities have reached a global impact on the biosphere, changing the material cycle, water balance of the planet, exerting strong influence on soil, vegetation and wildlife. Global environmental issues have become a reality and the human mind faces a choice of paradigm to address global environmental problems.

The most important problem is the modern education, which so far only adapts people to the already accomplished, rather than teaching them to build the future. We are facing the task of creation of the noosphere, the formation of the noospheric outlook and a person with noospheric way of thinking, which involves the ability to design and predict the consequences of their interaction with the outside world, the ability to make decisions in situations of moral choice, the responsibility for their behavior. This requires extensive knowledge in the field of ecology and their wide use in all spheres of human activity. Scientific thought puts into the hands of mankind such energy and material resources that allow it to not only take from the biosphere of its wealth, but it is advisable to transform the biosphere of the Earth in order to preserve and multiply all the resources, converting them into the category of renewable.

Noosphere combines live, reasonable nature and the social sphere, and the solution of the problem of formation of human being with the noosphere thinking is due to the combined efforts of all mankind, with the approval of the new values ​​of cooperation and the relationship of all the peoples of the world.
It is clear that the interests of humanity are closely linked with Vernadsky’s scientific concept, so building up the noosphere and the formation of the noospheric outlook is the task of the day. Noospheric thinking outlines the ways of the use and development of natural forces in the interest of humanity, of productivity growth, of environmental management, and of public health protection.

Noospheric outlook, creative education and upbringing will help to build a  noospheric economy  - the economy of  knowledge, of implementation of creative ideas - for the welfare and prosperity of Russia and the achievement of the sustainable development of human civilization.

Today the ideas and views of Vladimir Vernadsky - unusually deep and multi-talented person – are especially relevant, both in scientific and in the common human sense. They provide us with an opportunity to reflect on the new stage of development of the Earth, to put forward new theories, to create new research directions. That this is the sense of continuity between generations - in the awareness of their responsibility for the future of the world we live in.

Decades after V.I. Vernadsky’s decease, his doctrine continues to exert a strong influence on the formation of the modern consciousness of the mankind, living in the 21st century, and, as it often happens to great scientists being ahead of his time, Vernadsky’s scientific legacy is going to be comprehended and creatively developed by new generations.

The active position and the work of the V.I. Vernadsky Nogovernmental Environmental Foundation aimed at facilitating the transition of Russia and the world community towards sustainable environmentally oriented social and economic development into a society based on harmony with the environment is based on the scientific heritage of Academician V.I. Vernadsky, and is supported by prominent scientists and public figures at the national and international levels.

The Foundation has carried out much work to study and promote  V.I. Vernadsky’s doctrine and scientific heritage of - the pride of the national natural science thought, one of the first to point out not only on humanity's role in the transformation of the planet, but also on great responsibility for this activity.

In this anniversary year, the Foundation carries out  a number of activities devoted to this glorious date – Vernadsky’s 150th birth anniversary. In order to commemorate the date the Verndasky Foundation has prepared a collection (collected articles), which included scientists’ reflections about the personality and scientific creativity of V.I. Vernadsky as the fundamental basis of the global strategy for sustainable development and formation of the noospheric civilization. Together with Rossotrudnichestvo, V.I. Vernadsky’s Memorial Museum-Study at the Institute of Geochemistry (GeoKhi) of the RAS and the Archive of the RAS, the Vernadsky Foundation has created an exposition providing a comprehensive coverage of the life and scientific heritage of the scientist, which was exhibited in 150 countries and throughout the Russian Federation, both in public institutions and in secondary schools. With the support provided by the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Rossotrudnichestvo offices in France, the Czech Republic and Germany the International Scientific Expedition "The Vernadsky Parallels» was organized and launched in the jubilee year of 2013.

We welcome all those who consider themselves our peers, share scientific views of V.I. Vernadsky, embrace his ideas as a fundamental basis of the transition of the world community towards sustainable development in the context of a global environmental change; and we encourage them to fruitful cooperation and invite to join the festivities. Successful implementation of the plans will depend on our common ground, shared vision and our joint efforts.