International Seminar "Cross-Cultural Education and Development of Knowledge Society: Problems and Prospects"

On 4 and 5 December, the 6th International Seminar on Cross-Cultural Education and Development of Knowledge Society was held in Moscow as part of the annual cycle of international seminars under the general name "Dialogue of Civilizations and Cross-cultural Cooperation".

The seminar was organized by the Moscow Institute of Open Education (MIOO) and the Center for Cross-cultural Education “Etnosfera” in accordance with the Plan of Socially Important Activities for 2013 of the Moscow Department of Education.

The seminar was jointly prepared by the UNESCO Office in Moscow and MIOO partners on the Twinning and University Networks program UNITWIN/UNESCO Chair. 

About 150 participants attended the seminar. There were the delegations from 23 countries and 12 Russia’s regions. The keynote speakers were the international experts from UNESCO, OSCE, the Office of UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), UNESCO Chairs, leading higher educational institutions of Moscow, regions of Russia, and NGO representatives. A large group of school principals and teachers of Moscow schools and colleges as well as UNESCO associated schools took part in the seminar. 

The rich programme consisted of two plenary sessions, three sections, training on ICT and innovative pedagogy held in IITE/UNESCO. Senior students of eleven UNESCO associated schools from Moscow participated in a very substantive and productive Youth Forum on Knowledge Society. Among the seminar participants there were many representatives of Russian language schools and Slavic higher educational institutions from different countries who traditionally undertake an internship in MIOO. 

During the sessions and working meetings the participants discussed various aspects of international concepts, the legal framework of cross-cultural education as an aspect of sustainable development. They talked about contemporary understanding of cross-cultural dialogue and how it was implemented in the integrated information and education environment. The discussions particularly focused on MIOO tasks, the presentation about MIOO practice and the practices of a number of educational institutions of Russian regions in the context of Russia’s National Policy Strategy. 

Once again the information about MIOO’s multifaceted work captured attention of the education community of Russian regions and foreign countries. The exchange of views and practices in cross-cultural education confirmed the efficiency of proven areas of cooperation and brought about new opportunities for MIOO future partnership.