There were hosted celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of "UNESCO Associated Schools" in the schools of the Ulyanovsk region

Recall that in the Russian Federation in September 2013 was declared the month of the 60th year anniversary of the Russian network project "UNESCO Associated Schools".

During the three years of participation project "UNESCO Associated Schools" has become a priority for the Ulyanovsk region. Today it is one of the most successful and long-UNESCO projects in the region, members of which are about 30 educational institutions in the region.

On 18 of September at school number 64 of Ulyanovsk hosted a meeting of the asset of the school, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of "UNESCO Associated Schools." Leaders of the school prepared a presentation "UNESCO - is our school!", Which presented the main directions of the project being implemented in the school. At the end of the school director Lelia Mustafina congratulated all those present on the occasion and presented a birthday cake to the participants.

In honor of the auspicious date of September 27 in the Arkhangelsk school Ulyanovsk region was intelligent and entertaining program, "The wheel of history. UNESCO." The event will deepen and consolidate the students' knowledge about the project and the world's monuments by UNESCO. At the end of the day the best participants were given the title of "Young expert on the UNESCO World Heritage."

On 21 of September, the International Day for Peace held a Children's Art Festival "Druzhbovidenie." The event was organized school number 69 of Ulyanovsk - certified member of the project . For residents of the city of Ulyanovsk region Zavolzhsky school number 69 groups organized a concert program. In the end , all the speakers on the stage together released doves into the sky as a symbol of World Peace . In addition, high school students to the public on this day were organized tours of the school museum , where an exhibition of "The role of UNESCO in the modern world ."

On 2 of September at the City Gymnasium city Dimitrovgrad was informative game "What is UNESCO." Held its 11th grade students for first graders. The game introduced the young participants in the activities of the international project "UNESCO Associated Schools," and also spoke of the most exciting events held in this project.

In high school number 33 in the city of Ulyanovsk 60th anniversary of the start of the project the remote Russian Festival "Keeping the tradition." The main goal of the festival is promoting the spiritual and moral values ​​of the schools participating in the project and the cultural diversity of the region. The projects will be presented at a three-minute clips.

According to the results of the festival will be an electronic magazine (in Russian and English) with the most interesting comments and descriptions of traditions.