12. Intellectual rights for the submitted Works

12.1. By submitting their Works to the Competition every participant guaranties that:

  • he or she is the author of the Work;
  • as of the date of submitting an application form he or she is not aware of any third party’s rights that can be potentially violated;
  • as of the date of submitting their application form their exclusive rights for the Work have not been alienated, pledged, legally transferred to third parties and do not infringe on their rights;
  • as of the date of submitting their application their copyright for the Work has not been disputed in court or through any other legal procedure;

In case any third parties present their claims in connection with the display of the submitted Works at the exhibitions organized by the State Historical Museum, their publishing in specialized print media and on the web-sites of the Competition or their subsequent use, the participant is fully responsible for settling such disputes with the third parties.

12.2. It is guaranteed that those participants of the Competition who are in actual fact the authors of the submissions, that their legitimate interests and unalienable rights shall be protected.

The rights for the results of works which are protected by copyright law are defined in accordance with Chapter 70 “Copyright” of Part 4 of the Russian Civil Code (note: exclusive rights can be transferred by the participant to the Competition founders under a full alienation agreement or under a licensing agreement).

The participants agree that in case of the transfer of exclusive rights for the results of intellectual activity, such transfer will be uncompensated.

12.3. In cases set forth in Chapter 70 “Copyright” of Part 4 of the Russian Civil Code, the State Historical Museum has the right to use the submitted works without seeking the author’s consent or compensating him or her, but with mandatory indication of his or her name.