NAME OF BIOSPHERE RESERVE - Tzentralnosibirskii

Ecological characteristics: The Reserve’s landscapes are representative both for the Western and Eastern Siberia. There are primeval fir, spruce, larch and Siberian pine forests, high bogs, permafrost, bottomland and bedrocks landscapes. Several basins of the small inflows of the Yenisei River were included to the Reserve and in result the biggest part of its territory is protected from the external pollution. The Yenisei Biogeographic Border crosses the Reserve. It divides Palaearctic region to the east and west parts whereupon the level of biodiversity here is increased in comparison with typical taiga. More than 810 species of plants are found in the Reserve. Some species (Cypripedium calceolus, Cypripedium macranthon, Calypso bulbosa) are especially rare. Fauna of vertebrates is typical for the middle taiga. There are 45 species of mammals (sable, bear, elk, forest reindeer, squirrel etc.), 274 species of birds including such nesting species as Ciconia nigra, Aquila chrysaetos, Haliaeetus albicilla, Pandion haliaetus, Falco peregrinus, four species of amphibians and reptiles and 35 species of fishes. From the invertebrates 3 species of butterflies (swallowtail and apollos) and 3 species of bumblebees are called as the all-round vanishing species.

Declaration date: 1986

Surface area: Total 2500000 ha

Core area: 1020419 ha

Buffer zone: 552000 ha

Transition areas: 746000 ha

Administrative division: Krasnoyarski krai

Human activities: Geological survey and mining operations; logging; poaching (elk and sable are the most vulnerable species) and unlimited fishing.

Protection classifications: Three entities: State nature reserve (Zapovednik); State ethnographic and nature complex refuge “Yeloguysky” (Zakaznik), regional nature refuges (Zakazniks) “Turukhansky” and “Evenkia”

Contact information: Tzentralnosibirskii Biosphere Reserve, 1, Gribnaya St., Village Bor, Turukhanskiy district, Krasnoyarski krai, 663246 Russia. Tel./fax: + 7 391 98 74140, E-mail:, web-site: