Ecological characteristics: Clusters of the Reserve are situated: in subzones of typical tundra (“Main Territory” and transitional area “Bikada”), of arctic tundra (unit “Arctic”), of southern tundra (unit “Ary-Mas”, where is situated a relict larch forest), of forest-tundra (unit “Lukunsky”). The permafrost is found on the whole territory. The main type of ecosystems - plain spotty and hummocky tundra, with predominating in vegetation cover mosses, sedges, dwarf shrubs. There are many polygonal and flat-palsa bogs, with moss-cottongrass-sedge hollows and sedge-dwarf shrubs or sedge-shrubs hillocks on the histosols. Meadow and shrubs ecosystems on alluvial sod soils are developed only in valleys. There are altitudinal belts in the Byrranga Mountains: arctic deserts on the top, mountain grass-dryad, and sedge-moss, polar willow-moss tundra in middle and lower belts. Fragments of relict cryophyte-steppe on mountain sod soils are on south slopes of canyon. Forest vegetation represented by moss- and shrubs (dwarf birch and alder) larch light forest. Vascular flora includes 460 species, there are 262 species of mosses and 263 lichens too. Vertebrate fauna includes 23 mammals (17 permanently inhabit in the Reserve), the more common are caribou, musk-ox, lemmings, arctic fox, hare, ermine, wolf, glutton. 122 species of birds are recorded; 77 are nested (snow owl, snow bunting, divers, geese, sandpipers, peregrine, buzzard etc.). Inventory of fish and insects is not yet finished.

Declaration date: 1995

Surface area: Total 2750291 ha

Core area: 1781928 ha (of which main tundra core area: 1324042 ha; Ary-Mas unit: 15611 ha; Lukunsky unit: 9055 ha; Arctic unit 433220 ha)

Buffer zone: 30503 ha

Transition areas: 937760 ha (Bikada protected area: 937760 ha)

Administrative division: Krasnoyarski krai

Human activities: Human activities are limited and they not pose a threat to environment in the Reserve. Fishing plots are only on the outskirts of the Reserve, there is also limited hunting on birds (geese), arctic fox, caribou. Reindeer farming is survived in limited range on a south of the territory. Impacts on the north limit of the forest are discontinued since Reserve’s organization.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Taimyrsky Biosphere Reserve, 18, Sovetskaya St., Settlement Khatanga, Krasnoyarski krai, 647460 Russia. Tel.: + 7 391 76 21239, fax: + 7 391 76 21097, E-mail: