Ecological characteristics: The Reserve was created for preservation of natural complexes which are typical and unique for Western Sayan region. Its area is one of the few in Russia, where it is possible to see snow leopard, Siberian ibex, osprey, golden eagle, and also many species of rare plants. Middle mountain relief with sharp partition and steep slopes is typical for the Reserve which is located in the area of contact between Siberian taiga and steppes of the Central Asia. Forests make of common boreal species: first of all, Siberian pine, Siberian larch and then Siberian fir, spruce, pine, birch and aspen. The flora counts more than 1000 vascular plant species. Fauna of the Reserve is very rich also: 770 species of insects, one amphibian, five reptiles, 336 birds, 53 mammals, 21 fishes. Of rare species included into the Red Data Book of Russia are snow leopard and Pallas’ cat. Among rare birds are Baikal snow partridge, golden eagle, saker falcon, and peregrine falcon.

Declaration date: 1984

Surface area: Total 1087968 ha

Core area: 390368 ha

Buffer zone: 106200 ha

Transition areas: including biospheric test area “Sedye Sayany” - 591400 ha

Administrative division: Krasnoyarski krai

Human activities: Poaching and impacts of Sayno-Shushenskiy water reservoir.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Sayano-Shushenskiy Biosphere Reserve, 7, Zapovednaya St., Shushenskoye settlement, Krasnoyarski krai, 662710 Russia. Tel.: + 7 391 39 31881, fax: + 7 391 39 32300, E-mail: