Ecological characteristics: The Reserve is situated at the south-east of the Komi Republic (62º - 63º North) in the north and middle taiga sub-zones. More than 86% of its area is covered by forest. The territory of the Reserve includes a part of the west macro slope of the North Urals (max. height above sea level – 1200 m) and there are three altitudinal belts that represent three landscape regions: plain pine forests, sub-montane dark coniferous forest and mountain habitats. The Reserve’s flora characterized by the prevalence of dark coniferous forest with Picea obovata, Abies sibirica and Pinus sibirica. The fauna is included typical taiga species: Alces alces, Rangifer tarandus, Ursus arctos, Martes zibellina, Martes martes, Tetrao urogalus, Perisoreus infaustus. The Reserve is protecting the existence of plant and animal species inhabiting virgin ecosystems at the border of Europe and Asia. The most part of the Reserve’s forests did not have man's impact during several ages.

Declaration date: 1984

Surface area: Total 1253753 ha

Core area: 721322 ha

Buffer zone: 500000 ha

Transition areas: 32431 ha

Administrative division: Komi Republic

Human activities: Expansion of timber manufacturing firms; poaching hunting and fishing, collection of wild plants; uncontroled tourism; impact of river vessels and technical pollution on river ecosystems; pasture of domestic reindeer near the Reserve’s border.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Pechoro-Ilychskiy Biopshere Reserve, 8, Lanina St., 8, Lanina str., Troitsko-Pechorskiy district, Komi Republic, 169436 Russia. Tel.: +7 821 38 95680, E-mail: