NAME OF BIOSPHERE RESERVE - Nijegorodskoe Zavolje

Ecological characteristics: The territory of the Reserve is large enough and representative for the region. It encompasses various nature systems of boreal coniferous broad-leaved forests. Here there are both areas of less disturbed and well-preserved natural systems of lakes, sphagnum bogs, river valleys and old-age forests, and the spots of nature systems of various stages of human intervention and disturbance: areas cleared due to logging, settlements and areas cleared due to fires of anthropogenic origin. A significant level of biodiversity is registered: the flora is represented by 603 species of higher vascular plants. Preliminary data testifies to the existence of more, than 160 species of mosses, 205 species of lichens, 305 species of algae and 290 species of fungi. There are 45 species of mammals; 44 species of birds; 6 species of reptiles; 5 species of amphibians and 15 species of fish. Among invertebrates 1024 species of arthropods and hundreds of species of other taxa are found here. There are more than 60 species of rare and endangered species of plants, lichens, fungi and some animal species. The Reserve is giving important habitats for such key species as common crane, woodcock, heath cock, beaver, elk, lynx, wolf, bear etc.

Declaration date: 2002

Surface area: Total 57446 ha

Core area: 30957 ha

Buffer zone: 10660 ha

Transition areas: 15829 ha

Administrative division: Nizhegorodskaya oblast

Human activities: Logging is the most dangerous threat. Human caused fires are the most frequently encountered phenomena in the buffer zone and the outer transition zone because of careless attitude to the fire of some recreating town dwellers. Hunting and poaching at the territory of the core is practically non-existent. In the buffer zone the hunting is allowed. In the outer transition zone some cases of poaching occur. Harvesting of forest wild berries and mushrooms makes an insignificant influence on the nature systems, though in the buffer and transition zones these practices are widely spread and could have a mass scale.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Nijegorodskoe Zavolje Biosphere Reserve, 2, Kostin St., N. Novgorod City, 603134 Russia. Tel.: + 7 831 4340832, fax: + 7 831 4340951, E-mail:, web-site: