NAME OF BIOSPHERE RESERVE - Nerusso-Desnianskoe-Polesie

Ecological characteristics: The Reserve has very high biological diversity and covers a whole spectrum of natural ecosystems of the Bryanskaya oblast. The typical and rare communities such as oak and pine forests, swamped alder forests, herbaceous mires, sphagnum bogs, floodplain meadows and aquatic communities are well preserved. Local ecosystems are characterized by a wide gradation of the man-caused disturbance: natural forests and forest cultures, untouched bogs and drained mires, uncultivated lands and pastures are presented here. The flora is typical of the broad-leaved forest zone of Eastern Europe. It contains about 900 species of vascular plants that is more than half found in the whole oblast. Of all protected plant species 70% grows in the Reserve and among them 86 species listed in the regional Red Data Book and 11 species listed in the Red Data Book of Russia. The fauna is characterized by combination of different faunistic complexes and includes 343 species of vertebrates. More than 80 species of vertebrates are listed in the regional Red Data Book, 27 species in the Red Data Book of Russia and 17 species in the IUCN Red List.

Declaration date: 2001

Surface area: Total 128394 ha

Core area: 17631 ha

Buffer zone: 21363 ha

Transition areas: 89400 ha

Administrative division: Bryanskaya oblast

Human activities: Intensive clear-cuttings; poaching in near-by areas; forest fires; illegal garbage dumping.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Nerusso-Desnianskoe Polesie Biosphere Reserve, Nerussa station, Suzemsky district, Bryanskaya oblast, 242180 Russia. Tel./fax: + 7 483 53 25774, E-mail: