Ecological characteristics: Kedrovaya Pad is one of the oldest reserves in Russia. There have been discovered 918 species of vascular plants here - more than one third of total number counted in Primorski krai. Among them 59 plant species are included into the Red Data Book of Russia. The picturesque butterflies and beetles inhabiting the area (Protantigius superans, Coreana raphaelis, Carabus jankowskii, Apis cerana, etc.) are included into endangered species list. There are 12 species of fishes inhabiting the small rivers of the Reserve. Masu salmon (Oncorhynchus masou) and White-spotted chare (Salvelinus leucomaenis) are considered to be anadromous fish species. 184 bird species have been observed in the Reserve: 164 of them are migratory, 96 - breeding, 66 - wintering, and 10 species of birds are rare or accidental. Amur tiger often visits the territory where those animals breed. The Reserve's main pride is the Far East leopard. This rare predator population is of only 30 specimens in Primorye and one or two leopard families inhabit regularly the Reserve’s territory.

Declaration date: 2004

Surface area: Total 38583 ha

Core area: 18045 ha

Buffer zone: 5538 ha

Transition areas: 15000 ha

Administrative division: Primorski krai

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Human activities: Forest fires, illegal hunting of wild animals, collecting of ginsengs, ferns, mushrooms and nuts, poacher fishing, construction of resort complexes and overpasses.

Contact information: Kedrovaya Pad Biosphere Reserve, 10, Zapovednaya St., Settlement Primorskyi, Khasanskyi District, Primorski krai, 632710 Russia. Tel.: + 7 914 7108089, E-mail: