Ecological characteristics: Ecosystems of the Reserve are referred to the North-Pacific type and include mountain-taiga, rare woods (with a Stone birch, Kamchatka birch, Cajander’s larch, and Ajan spruce) with thickets of mountain pine and Siberian mountain ash and tundra with plenty of berries. Being located in the Eastern part of Kamchatka it is included into the Eastern Volcanic belt that caused the formation of relief, flora and fauna. This area is notable for various types of volcanic activity: there are active and extinct volcanoes (11), geysers and thermal springs. Mountain-glacial landscapes are also widely presented: there are glaciers (11 % of all Kamchatka glaciers), including the largest glaciers (Koryto, Tushevsky) and in total they cover 14 000 ha. At the territory of the Reserve it is possible to see the variety of natural complexes typical for the peninsula: tundra, forest, meadow, coastal communities. Stone birch and mountain pine woods, mountain and coastal tundra, and vast marshy sites are widely spread. Flora accounts for 810 plant species including 38 which are endemic. Fauna of the Reserve includes all ecological groups and complexes which are typical for the peninsula. The Reserve is distinguished by its very high density of brown bear. Several rare and endangered animals are included into the Red Data Book of Russia (sea-otter, Steller’s sea eagle, fish hawk, Arctic falcon and Aleutian tern). It belongs to the World Natural Heritage List.

Declaration date: 1984

Surface area: Total 1142134 ha

Core area: Zonation under revision

Buffer zone:

Transition areas:

Administrative division: Kamchatski krai

Human activities: This Reserve is located far from human settlements and such position helps to keep its natural complexes almost in pristine state. Recreational pressure currently does not exceed maximum permissible level. Habitats of rare plant species are not transformed and diversity of fauna is also kept at the level of original natural parameters and populations of key animal species are not endangered.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Kronotskiy Biosphere Reserve, 48, Ryabikova St., Elisovo Town, Kamchatski krai, 684010 Russia. Tel./fax: + 7 841 5 411674; E-mail: