cological characteristics: The biosphere reserve Altaisky is located on the North-Eastern and Eastern parts of Altai Mountains. Within its territory there are. 2560 lakes of different size and the largest of them is the Teletskoye Lake. The eastern part of this lake is included into a core area of the Reserve and the smaller, western part into its buffer zone. The core area of the Reserve is represented by a federal strictly protected nature area and includes a unique mountain country with a system of mountain ranges. Here there is rich landscape diversity: high-mountainous alpine zone is replaced by plateau like uplands, wide valleys and deep canyons, and has different elevations ranging from 400m up to 3500m above sea level. On the quantity of vascular plant species the Reserve takes the second place in Russia after the Kavkazsky biosphere reserve; by species diversity it is among the best five Russian reserves. Up to the present there are more than 3100 plant species are recorded within the Reserve.. From this number more than 250 species belong to the Altai-Sayan endemics, 120 species - relics of the Palaeogene-Neogene and Quaternary periods. Animal diversity is also remarkable. There are 16 - fish, 2 - amphibian, 6 - reptile, 326 - bird and 70 mammal species inhabit its territory. The fauna of mammals of the Reserve includes representatives of 14 families including: carnovora - 15, artiodactyla - 8, rodentia - 24, lagomorpha – 2, chiroptera - 8, insectivora – 11. 35 bird species are included into the Red Data Book of Russia.

Human activities: uncontrolled tourism; poaching; forest fires.

Administrative division: Altai Republic

Surface area: Total 3532234 ha

Core areas: 881236 ha

Buffer zones: 962800 ha

Transition areas: 1688198 ha

Declaration date: February 2009

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Altaisky Biosphere Reserve 1, Communistichesky prospect, Gorno-Altaisk, Altai Republic 649000 Russia

Tel./fax: (388-22) 6-69-47