Ecological characteristics: The Reserve’s flora is typical for mountains of the southern Siberia and counts over 880 species of higher vascular plants. This diversity can be estimated as rather significant for the relatively small area, but the number of species is not final yet. Majority of species belongs to the boreal ecosystems but among those one can find significant number of species belonging to mountains, forest-steppe, alpine and other groups. One of the distinguishing features of the Reserve’s flora is a number of relict species of Tertiary nemoral complex. Over 60% of the Reserve’s area is occupied by forests. Among them fern and long grass fir and mixed fir-pine forests (sometimes with massive birch inclusion) with well developed young growth of sorb, alder, black alder, willow and shoots of major forest-forming species. At the southern macroslope of Khamar-Daban, in its lower parts, prevail pine-larch forests with the Siberian pine and birch of moss-lichen and rhododendron types. The fauna of the Reserve is quite typical for the mountains of the southern Siberia, but it includes also some species of animals and especially birds, that have their origin from the regions of the Central Asia. Total number of vertebrate species in the Reserve is 318. The Reserve belongs to the World Natural Heritage List.

Declaration date: 1986

Surface area: Total 200524 ha

Core area: 165724 ha

Buffer zone: 34800 ha

Transition areas: not defined

Administrative division: Republic of Buryatiya

Human activities: The Reserve’s ecosystems are seriously threatened by the air-pollution from neighboring Baikalsk paper-mill and from remote Angarsk and Irkutsk enterprises. The acid load over the Reserve is rather significant, which causes degradation of some its ecosystems, first of all, dark coniferous forest at the Khamar-Daban northern macro-slope.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Baikalskyi Biosphere Reserve, 34, Krasnogvardeyskaya St., Tankhoy village, Kabansky district, Republic of Buryatiya, 671220 Russia. Tel./fax: + 7 30138 93725, E-mail:, web-site: