Ecological characteristics: The Reserve is located in northeast of Baikal Lake coast on western slopes of Barguzin mountain ridge. It includes natural complexes - water areas, mountain taiga, alpine meadows and rocks, geothermal spring. The fauna and flora are typically boreal with including mountain steppe and arctic-alpine elements. 10 plant, one mammal, 19 birds, one fish species preserved here were listed in Red Data Book of Russia. The territory of Reserve was never used except of hunting. The initial purpose of the Reserve’s creating was preservation and restoration of sable’s numbers as disappearing species. The successful solving this problem was important contribution to conservation of the biodiversity. The major event in development of scientific researches in the Reserve was organization of monitoring. Since 1938 observations for climate, vegetation, dynamics of mammals, birds, insects within all zones were conducted. In 1987 the grounds of biosphere testing area have been included into the Reserve’s territory, the first such area in Russia. Now for active participation in the decision-making on environmental and ecological problems of region the Reserve prepares the draft of Regulations for its zone of cooperation. The Reserve currently is known not only for nature protecting, but became a multifunctional institution with strong scientific and environmental education activities. The Reserve belongs to the World Natural Heritage List.

Declaration date: 1986

Surface area: Total 358600 ha

Core area: 263176 ha

Buffer zones: 95400 ha

Transition areas: not defined

Administrative division: Republic of Buryatiya

Human activities: Tourism, recreation, fishing, gathering berries, nuts, mushrooms. The extraction of minerals in bordering northeast areas: complex ore in “Holodnaya”, quartz in “Cholbon” mines. Not regulated recreation. The fishing industry in Baikal Lake.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Barguzinskiy Biosphere Reserve, 61, Kozlova st., Nizhneangarsk town, Republic of Buryatiya, 671710 Russia. Теl./fax: + 7 30130 47992, E-mаil:,