The exhibition to the 200th anniversary of Ivan Turgenev was opened in the UNESCO headquarters

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Russian landscapes, echoing the works of Ivan Turgenev, can be seen at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. An exhibition of contemporary Russian artists, "Landscape, inspired by the thought," opened as part of a large program to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Russian writer. The classic's jubilee listed as a UNESCO memorable date.

Landscape exhibition prepared by art historians of the Moscow Manezh has already visited Germany and Luxembourg, and from Paris, the paintings will go to Baden-Baden. After that, they will return to Paris again and will be exhibited at the Russian Center for Science and Culture.

Inclusion in the list of UNESCO memorable dates means the eternal importance of the event for the world community The whole of 2018 passes under the sign of the anniversary of Ivan Turgenev in Russia and other countries, the poster is very extensive.

The main events will take place in November in Moscow and the Oryol region, as well as in European cities where Turgenev lived - Paris and Baden-Baden. The last years of his life the writer spent in the estate near Paris, where he died. In the early 1980s, a museum of Russian classic was opened in it, and it was visited by French President Emmanuelle Macron in September of this year.

Source: information portal of the Russkiy Mir Foundation