In Petersburg, there will be established International Center of Competencies under patronage of UNESCO

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Government introduced to the State Duma a bill on ratification of an Agreement with UNESCO concerning establishment of Center of Mine-Engineering Education Competencies in St.Petersburg. The document was added to Database of State Duma.

According to the explanatory note, the above Agreement provides for regulatory provisions on establishment of International Mine-Engineering Education Competencies Center as a center of category 2 under patronage of UNESCO, specifies its functions and purposes, provides for guarantees from Russian Government in respect of activity of this Center, and provides for support from UNESCO.

This Center to be established on the base of St. Petersburg Mine University and will be an independent legal entity in the form of non-commercial autonomous organization.

According to the Government's website, the purposes of this Center include improvement of systems of higher education, engineering education, and vocational education as well as the system of training in the natural resources sector of economics; development of system for international professional competence evaluation with certification of mine engineers and managers working at objects of the natural resources sector.

This International Center is being established for development of the system of training of skilled specialists and scientific personnel for mine-engineering sector; development of uniform system of international vocational certification of engineers; creation of favorable environment for ensuring global mobility of students and post-graduates, teachers and scientists.

The Agreement between Russian Government and UNESCO concerning establishment of International Center of Mine-Engineering Education Competencies in St.Petersburg under patronage of UNESCO was signed on 7 March 2018 in Paris.

Source: "Parliament Newspaper"