A UNESCO Department will be established in State University of Management

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The Electoral Commission approved the initiative for establishing under State University of Management a UNESCO Department for Social, Legal, and Ethic Work of Knowledge Communities. This was reported by the Head of Higher Education Department under UN Peter Welles in his official letter.

The project of Agreement about Official Establishment of UNESCO Department at SUM to be prepared in the near future. Provisions of this document shall be approved by the University Principal Ivan Lobanov what to be followed by formation of the new department.

This international project will enable students and teachers to attend various programs, attract experts to our university in order to facilitate implementation of new ideas.

It is worth mentioning that establishment of departments is one of the most significant items of "Worldwide Plan of Interuniversity Cooperation and Academic Mobility" which was approved during 26th session of General Conference of UNESCO in 1991. To date, there is about 800 departments throughout the world.

The past decade has shown that the UNESCO Program for Establishment of University Departments is one of the most productive initiatives of this organization and this program is still warmly supported by scientific community. University departments plays an ever increasing role in sharing the experience, knowledge, and information on all issues concerning higher education and science development as well as ensures introduction of Russian universities and other organizations into the current global system of diverse interuniversity and scientific cooperation.