Symposium "The management of cultural heritage in the coastal zone"

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Goals and objectives of the symposium:

Seventeenth Annual Meeting - Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology (SOMA) will be held in Moscow from 25 to 27 April 2013. The symposium will bring together experts and in a friendly environment to discuss current issues, develop joint solutions. The symposium is held to summarize the results of years of work professionals and amateurs in the field of underwater cultural heritage and to strengthen cooperation between scientific institutions themselves.

The main topic of the meeting in 2013 will be "The management of cultural heritage in the coastal zone." The coastal area - a district rich in archaeological sites, on the one hand, and subject to active industrial development - on the other. As in any other area is rapidly growing population. Develop port facilities. Built recreational facilities. The coastal zone has a maximum marine pollution waste of human activity. It is for this reason that the coastal area is currently the focus of UNESCO's efforts to protect and preserve this delicate cultural heritage.

In addition to the traditional issues associated with archaeological finds in various parts of the Mediterranean, in 2013, attention will be paid to new ideas on conservation and management of cultural heritage.

The workshop will consist of plenary, breakout and poster presentations. According to the results of the event will be published scientific papers in English.

Place the behavior of the symposium

The symposium will be held at the Institute of Oceanology. PP Shirshov Institute, Moscow, Nahimovskiy prospectus. 36.

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