Virtual Russia

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It is difficult today to imagine our civilization without Internet. Not coincidentally, its appearance is considered one of the most revolutionary and impressive discoveries of the ХХ century.

By means of the global network an absolutely new world is formed, whose prospects can not be divined even by the most fertile imagination. Millions of people enter it to know the latest news and weather at the other end of the world, communicate with friends, purchase necessary goods, if not just be distracted from everyday cares. From one year to the next its audience is growing in Russia too.

According to the Public Opinion Foundation, the army of Web users in our country has reached now 39.9 million people – just so many Russians have visited it for the latest half year. And this is an illustration of the obvious progress the country has achieved in the past decade. Since 1993 their number doubled every year. Experts assert that now Russia ranks fifth in the world in the population coverage with the network and our Internet community is one of the most dynamically developing.

Another public opinion poll conducted by the Levada Center showed that every day or several times a week the Internet is most of all visited by schoolchildren and students (50%), managers (41%), specialists (32%) and in whole by men.

An absolute leader in the global network popularity is Moscow. Almost half of 11 million inhabitants of the Russian capital use it. And yet over 70% of them do it every day. But currently the Internet actively masters the provinces too. And soon, according to plans of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Russian Federation, every last settlement of Russia with populations over 500 will be connected to the virtual universe.

What do Russians Need the Internet for?

For getting information – 41%

For communication – 38%

For work – 23%

For relaxation - 14%

For study – 12%

Information of the All-Russian Center on Public Opinion Research.