What are They, People of the XXI Century?

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At all times any society was divided into “conservatives” and “progressionists” – in other words, into those adhering to old traditions and habits, and those, who are open to everything new, the civilization and scientific-and-technological advance add to their life. The present Russian social medium is not an exception either. That is why representatives of the Public Opinion Foundation decided to clear up, what he is, a Russian of new format, a man of the XXI century? And according to various inquiries, 12-16% of all adults of our country belong to this group. Certainly, it is mainly youth, but, it appears that not only it.

Sociologists polled 2 thousand people in 100 population aggregates of Russia and came to the following conclusions. People XXI three times as frequently work at a computer, use the Internet and carry on e-mail correspondence, twice as frequently buy goods on credit, “borrow” money in banks and drive a car, five times as frequently use plastic payment cards, fly by airplanes and go abroad.

This category’s cultural and leisure practice also obviously differs from the Russian “average population’s” behavior. People XXI in whole noticeably more frequently go to the cinema, visit museums and exhibitions, as well as have excursions and make walking tours. They prefer cable and satellite television to social TV channels, often buy books, albums, music and video disks and in general more than others are interested in culture and the art. Confirming its reputation of a group, oriented towards vigorous activity, nearly one third of respondents noted that they are doing various kinds of creative work. Thus, 14% said that they attend discussion groups and service clubs, and every ninth in the last two or three years has appeared on stage of a theatre or a club.

At the same time, as sociologists note, such high activity is only in part explained by higher incomes and level of education. The survey results, they say, showed that “even as compared with youth and high-yielding groups of population people XXI more actively and creatively approach the organization of their spare time.”

What of the listed below have You had to do in the last two or three years?

population in whole people-XXI
go to the cinema 28 72
purchase music and video disks 35 66
travel by car 19 55
use cable, satellite television at home 25 52
go hunting, fishing 28 50
visit museums, exhibitions 16 49
play computer games, videogames 17 48
have excursions 16 46
go to the theatre, concert hall 16 44
purchase books, art and history albums 13 41
go on walking tours 11 36