The 207th session of the UNESCO Executive Board opened in Paris

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On October 9, the 207th session of the UNESCO Executive Board opened in Paris. It will close on October 23.

Participants in the session will review 50 items on the agenda relating to progress in implementing the decisions and resolutions approved by the Executive Board and the General Conference at previous sessions, as well as financial, administrative and personnel matters.

It is planned to discuss a draft programme and budget for the next two years (2020-2021), a draft UNESCO strategy to enhance youth and adults’ literacy, and the report on the status of the Information for All Programme, as well as to revisit the Charter of the Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS). The discussion on ways to transform UNESCO will continue, including the Memory of the World Programme, and on prospects for the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture and the International Bureau of Education. The Executive Board will complete preparations for the 40th session of the UNESCO General Conference scheduled for November.

The Executive Board will consider Russia’s proposal for establishing the UNESCO-Russia Mendeleev International Prize in the Basic Sciences. Our country has also co-authored another two initiatives to be reviewed during the current session: first, to declare 2022 the International Year of Basic Sciences [to give them an impetus]; and, second, to raise the effectiveness of the measures to implement the 1970 Convention, including measures to ban and prevent the illegal import, export and transfer of ownership of cultural values.

The participants in the session will discuss cooperation between UNESCO and other intergovernmental institutions. In particular, memoranda of understanding with the Ibero-American General Secretariat and the World Meteorological Organisation are expected to be signed.

Artificial intelligence issues will continue to be discussed during the session. Ahead of the discussion at the General Conference on whether it would be appropriate to develop a regulatory act on ethical aspects of introducing the above technology, the Secretariat will deliver a report on the activities of other international organisations in this field, as well as on relevant conventions.