UNESCO’s publications

Reports on the state of education in the world

Every two years, starting from 1991, UNESCO publishes the World Report on Education containing an analysis of global trends in education, statistics, tables, charts, and review of the state of things in education in the Member States of the Organization.

Every year, UNESCO publishes the EFA Global Monitoring Report, which reflects the state of affairs with regard to achieving by countries one of the Dakar goals.

Significance for Russia:
• The World Education Report, published in Russian, places reliable information and statistical data necessary for the formation of a national strategy and policy in this area at disposal of Russia’s government agencies, higher educational institutions, nongovernmental organizations and educational researchers.

Other publications

UNESCO publishes a large number of books and monographs on education, periodically publishes reference materials: “Statistical Yearbook", "Education Abroad", "World Directory of Education", a quarterly magazine "Perspectives" for specialists in the field of educational planning, curriculum and administration. Most publications have Russian version.

Significance for Russia:
• These publications are mainly used by educators and students. For example, the reference book "Education Abroad", which in 1998 first came out in Russia, is used by higher educational institutions and students to arrange exchanges and study in higher educational institutions of other countries.