E. UNESCO's Associated Schools Project Network.

UNESCO's Associated Schools Project Network was initiated by UNESCO in 1953 and today is one of the most successful and long-term initiatives of the Organization.

It combines 7,500 establishments (nursery schools, schools, teacher training colleges) in 174 countries.

The themes, associated schools are working on, are selected in such a way as to focus on the core problems of the modern world:

  • education for peace, human rights, democracy and tolerance;
  • preservation of the environment and the world cultural heritage;
  • cultural diversity and unique identity of the peoples of the world;
  • the UN's and other international organizations’ role in the world.

In Russia, 189 educational institutions have the status of UNESCO Associated Schools.

Significance for Russia:
• Associated Schools Project promotes an active and creatively rich school life, familiarization of the younger generation with the values and ideals of UNESCO promotes the intercultural dialogue, culture of peace, tolerance and respect for human rights.
• UNESCO International Associated Schools Project Network promotes the development of relations between Russian educational institutions and their foreign colleagues, and promotes their participation in the international cooperation.