C. International Memory of the World Program

The essence of the program is to preserve the documentary heritage of mankind, transfer valuable manuscripts, archives, and rare books to electronic media. Under this program, the Memory of Russia project is being implemented.

The international Memory of the World registry includes nine monuments of documentary heritage of Russia:

  • Arkhangelsk Gospel 1092. (1997);
  • Khitrovo Gospel (1997);  
  • The collection “Maps of the Russian empire of the XVIII century” (1997);  
  • Slavonic publications in the Cyrillic script of the XV century (1997);  
  • Russian Posters of the late XIX - early XX centuries (1997);
  • Collection of newspapers (1997);  
  • Historical collection of phonographic archives of St. Petersburg (1889—1955) (2001);  
  • Codex Suprasliensis (2007);  
  • Radziwill Archives and Nesvizhsk collection of books (2009).