А. International Program for the Development of Communication (IPDC)

It was established in 1980 for promoting the development of mass media (MSM) by financing projects that meet the following priorities:

  • promoting media pluralism and freedom of expression;
  • training in the field of media;
  • development of community media;  
  • use of new technologies in order to ensure greater efficiency of independent and public media.  

Since the establishment of the Program, our country has always been elected a member of the IPDC Intergovernmental Council and its Bureau.

Since 1999, Russia began to organize and conduct Congresses of Russian Press within the IPDC. In June 2009 the eleventh World Congress took place in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Chairman of the Russian Committee of the International Program for the Development of Communication is First Deputy Director-General of ITAR-TASS, M.S.Gusman (member of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO).

The IPDC has considerable potential for the development of cooperation between Russia and the CIS and developing countries.

Significance for Russia:
• The program gives our country the opportunity to participate in forming the international communications policy, promote the strengthening of pluralism and the establishment of independent media, to get expert or other advice for the Russian media. The program provides opportunities for creating a common informational and cultural space in the CIS countries, contributes to the preservation of the Russian language as the language of inter-State cooperation of the CIS countries.