UNESCO’s mandate

The 35th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO has identified the following main activities of the Organization in the Social Sciences and Humanities for 2010-2011: :

  • promotion of human rights in its fields of UNESCO competence and promoting dialogue on emerging social issues;
  • strengthening linkages between research and policy for the management of social transformations;
  • contributing to policy formulation in the field of physical education, sport and the fight against doping;  
  • rendering assistance to Member States in developing policies in the field of ethics of science and technology, especially bioethics.  

This work is carried out and coordinated by the Social and Human Sciences Sector of the UNESCO Secretariat, UNESCO regional offices, UNESCO relevant institutes and centers of categories I and II, with the participation of National Commissions and their relevant committees and UNESCO Chairs in various areas of research in the field of social sciences and humanities.

Significance for Russia:
• Russia's participation in UNESCO programs and projects for social and human sciences enables Russian and foreign scientists to conduct joint research into sociological and humanities issues of regional and global type, exchange of experience on a range of topical issues.