C. The UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB)

The MAB was established in 1971 to solve global contradictions that arise in the field of environment and development.

The program established a worldwide network of biosphere reserves (BR), which cover all the world's major ecosystems. Each of the reserves consists of at least one protected area, as well as the adjacent buffer zone and the zone of cooperation. In total, as of December 2009 the World Network includes 553 biosphere reserves in 107 countries.

Under the leadership of the Director of the Institute of Ecology of Plants and Animals, Ural Branch of RAS, Academician V.N. Bolshakov (member of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO) the Russian Committee (RC) of the MAB program has been successfully operating. Russia’s representative, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Committee of the MAB V.M. Neronov is Vice President of the governing body of the Program - the International Coordinating Council.

The Committee represents the Russian Federation in two MAB Regional Networks - European and East Asian ones.

Biosphere Reserves in Russia

Biosphere reserves are areas of terrestrial and coastal ecosystems that have received international recognition in the framework of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB). They are intended to promote and be an example of optimal relationship between man and nature.

Currently, the World Network of Biosphere Reserves includes 39 Russian BR. Activities related to Biosphere Reserves development and management is primarily determined by the provisions of the Madrid Plan of Action (MPOA) - a document approved by the 3rd World Congress “The Future of the Biosphere. UNESCO Biosphere Reserves for Sustainable Development (4-8 February 2008, Madrid). Based on the Seville Strategy, the MPOA is designed to optimize some of its provisions and to propose innovative approaches to solving problems related to the further development of the BR.

List of Russian Biosphere Reserves

  1. Caucasian* 1978 admin@kgpbz.ru
  2. Oksky 1978 br.bor@rambler.ru, obz@mail.ru
  3. Prioksko-Terrasny 1978 ptz@danki.ru, mnb@danki.ru  
  4. Sikhote-Alinsky* 1978 sikhote@vld.itl.ru
  5. Central Chernozem 1978 alekhin@zapoved.kursk.ru, ryzhkov_oleg@mail.ru, vlasov@zapoved.kursk.ru
  6. Astrakhanskiy 1984 abnr@astranet.ru
  7. Kronotsky* 1984 zapoved@mail.kamchatka.ru
  8. Lapland 1984 lapland@lapland.ru  
  9. Pechora-Ilychsky* 1984 pechorazap@comifree.ru, pechilzap@mail.ru
  10. Sayano-Shushensky 1984 zapoved7@yandex.ru  
  11. Sokhondinsky 1984 sochondo@rambler.ru
  12. Voronezh 1984 nauka@reserve.vrn.ru  
  13. Tsentralno-Lesnoy 1985 c_forest@mail.ru
  14. Baikalsky* 1986 baikalnr@mail.ru
  15. Barguzinsky* 1986 barguzin_zap@mail.ru  
  16. Tsentralno-Sibirsky 1986 csgbz@mail.ru
  17. Chernye Zemli 1993 zapovchz@mail.ru
  18. Taimyrsky 1995 taimyr@orc.ru, kazarka@hatanga.krasnet.ru
  19. Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina* 1997 ubsunur@tuva.ru
  20. Daursky 1997 onon_daur@casuchey.chita.ru  
  21. Teberdinsky 1997 jamal_09@mail.ru, teberda@mail.svkchr.ru
  22. Katunsky* 2000 katunskiy@mail.ru  
  23. Nerusso-Desnianskoe-Polesie 2001 zapole@online.debryansk.ru, zapole@bk.ru 
  24. Visimsky 2001 visim@krv.ekt.usi.ru  
  25. Vodlozersky National Park 2001 vodloz@karelia.ru
  26. Commander Islands 2002 gpz_komandorskiy@mail.iks.ru, komand_zapoved@rambler.ru  
  27. Darvinsky 2002 dgpbz@rambler.ru  
  28. Nizhegorodskoye Zavolzhye-Kerzhensky 2002 kerzhenskiy@rambler.ru, kerzhenskiy@kerzhenskiy.ru, rustay@inbox.ru, ponim@narod.ru  
  29. Ugra National Park 2002 parkugra@list.r, parkugra@kaluga.ru  
  30. Smolenskoye Poozerye National Park 2002 dgo@sci.smolensk.ru, nature@sci.smolensk.r  
  31. Far East Marine 2003 a_malyutin@mail.ru
  32. Kedrovaya Pad 2004 kedrpad@mail.ru  
  33. Valdaysky National Park 2004 valdpark@novgorod.net, buhvnp@novgorod.net, janus_tot@inbox.ru  
  34. Kenozersky National Park 2004 kenozero@arkhangelsk.ru, kenfin@atnet.ru, kenozero@arkhandeisk.ru, kenkadr@atnet.ru  
  35. Khankaisky (Khanka Lake) 2005 khanka@mail.primorye.ru  
  36. Great Volzhsko-Kamsky 2005 vkz@mail.ru
  37. Srednevolzhsky 2006 zhr@samtel.ru, zhr_sl@pochta.ru  
  38. Rostovsky 2008 gzr@orlovsky.donpac.ru  
  39. Altaisky* 2009 agpzmain@rambler.ru  

* BR, being part of UNESCO World Heritage sites are marked with an asterisk.

Significance for Russia:
• The biosphere reserves are of great importance for fulfilling Russia's obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, for Russia's bilateral and international cooperation in the sphere of environmental protection.